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The Bintelli 8pr is the largest street legal golf cart in our fleet. With seating up to eight passengers along with an upgraded AC motor and an extended roof, this is a favorite among the commercial sector of our client base! It comes fully loaded and is available in many different colors.

As the manufacturer, we can provide you with a fully customized vehicle. Please give us a call today at (866) 542-8677 or use the “Request a Quote” button below to have us send you a risk free quote!

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The 8PR street legal golf cart is the largest street legal model in the Bintelli fleet of electric vehciles. We assemble them here right in Charleston, South Carolina and ship them all across the country, and around the world. In this description we will discuss the different accessories and features that come standard on the vehicle and will show you why the Bintelli 8pr is one of the best selling street legal golf carts in North America.

All Bintelli Electric Vehicles are built in our Charleston, South Carolina facility. For more information or to find out what colors are currently in stock, please contact us at (866) 542-8677.

  • Full dimensions(feet): 14.4′ x 4′ x 6.5′
  • Ground Clearance(inches): 5″
  • Max Forward Speed: 20-25mph
  • Max Load Capacity: 1200lbs
  • Max Grade: Up to 15%
  • Motor: 5KW AC (6.7HP)
  • Running Distance: up to 50 miles
  • Tires: 205/50-10
  • Standard Features: 10″ aluminum rims, light package, horn, wood grain steering wheel, wood grain dashboard, wood grain back rests, digital speedometer, 12v power outlet, digital dashboard, street legal under low speed vehicle laws
  • Batteries: 8pcs Trojan 105 (Made in USA)
  • Controller: Curtis Sepex 1236 (Made in USA)
  • Charger: Eagle On Board (Made in USA)
  • Brakes: 4 wheel hydraulic with hand brake
  • Suspension: Front and rear plate spring + cylinder hydraulic shock absorber
  • Windshield: DOT with Wiper
  • Wheelbase: 126″
  • Turning Radius: 15 Feet
  • Outside Left tire to Outside Right tire: 40″
  • Center Left tire to Center Right tire: 34″
  • Inside Left tire to Inside right tire: 28″

Long Range Electric Golf Cart

Driving range is going to depend on a lot of variables. Things such as ambient temperature, road conditions, amount of passengers, elevation and drivers style will all have an impact on the range one will get with our street legal golf cart. On this model, because we use high quality batteries from Trojan and included an upgraded AC motor, we have had an overall average driving range of 50-60 miles per charge. The whole vehicle only costs about 1-2 cents a mile to operate.

Features- Rear Facing Seat Kit

The 8pr has a rear facing seat kit on the back of the vehicle. The great thing about this seat is that it can actually fold down and turn into a utility bed with steel diamond plating. This is very convenient for those who are transporting groceries, luggage, or other various things. When not in use, you simply fold it back up and the rear of the cart is ready to accommodate more passengers.

Features- Built in Beverage Cooler

All Bintelli street legal golf carts come with a built in beverage cooler. The beverage cooler is located in the rear of the golf cart below the passenger seats and is powered by the cart’s batteries. There is an on/off switch on the beverage cooler itself which can be used to keep drinks cold or hot when turned on. When not in use the powered beverage cooler can be securely latched into place so you can keep your drinks cold (or warm) all day.

All Bintelli Electric Vehicles are built in our Charleston, South Carolina facility. For more information or to find out what colors are currently in stock, please contact us at (866) 542-8677.

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Black, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Burgundy, Champagne, Forest Green, Light Blue, Mint, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Titanium, White, Yellow

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