Bintelli Bubble Buddy 4p Enclosed


On this 4 passenger enclosed low speed vehicle, you get all of the same features as our open air 4p Bubble Buddy, but with a galvanized steel enclosure and doors as well. The windows open to allow fresh air to enter the vehicle. It is fully loaded with features and available in many colors.

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All Bintelli Electric Vehicles are built in our Charleston, South Carolina facility. This four seater enclosed low speed vehicle can travel up to fifty miles per charge. We fully load this vehicle with features such as made on board smart chargers, aluminum rims, a digital dashboard, cd player with radio, street legal package with 17 digit vin number, upgraded 4kw motor, Curtis Sepex controller, and wood grain accents. The on board smart charger we include is made in the USA and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Low speed vehicles can be driven on roads that are 35mph or less. Be sure to check your local laws as some cities have exceptions. For more information or to find out what colors are currently in stock, please contact us at (866) 542-8677.

Please visit our accessories page to view available additions for this model.

Model: Bintelli Bubble Buddy 4p Enclosed
Passengers: 4
Speed: Up to 25 MPH
Range: up to 50 miles
Climb: 20% grade (full capacity)
Electric Motor: 4 KW
Batteries: Trojan (Made in USA)
Controller: Curtis (Made in USA)
Charger: Eagle On Board (Made in USA)
Min. Turning Radius: 15 ft
Stopping Distance: < 13 ft
Overall Dimensions: 10.0 ft L x 4.6 ft W x 6.6 ft H
Maxload: 800 lbs.
Vehicle Weight: 1,984 lbs.
Body: Fiberglass with Steel Frame
Roof: Fiberglass

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