A Brief Review of Honda Mopeds From the 80s

Honda, also known as Honda Motor Company, is known for producing sporty automobiles and exhilarating motorcycles. Although these devices are the bread-and-butter of the business, the iconic brand has manufactured other noteworthy devices such as scooters with a seat. In this article, we highlight some of the Honda motor scooters produced in the 80s.




The Honda Motocompo was essentially an incentive for customers to buy the Honda City Turbo II. To elaborate, this scooter with a seat was designed to fold down into a box like shape that fit snugly inside the trunk of the Turbo II. Here are the specifications of the tiny moped.


  • 2.5hp
  • 49cc engine
  • 35 mph top speed
  • seat sits 22″ high
  • can hold 1/2 gallon of gas


Although the ½ gallon doesn’t seem viable, the gas powered moped was capable of covering roughly 100 miles per tank.


Honda Elite


The Honda Elite series consisted of mopeds with long, cushiony seats capable of supporting two people. To ensure this functionality was feasible, early models were equipped with 125cc four-stroke engines. As time went on, 150cc motors were offered as well, however, the integrity of the design remained the same. 


Thanks to this design ingenuity, many old school Honda Elites still function as of date, and can be procured for less than $3,000. That said, it is important to note the original Honda Elite sold for $2,500 when the scooter with a seat was launched. For those still interested in owning a used moped despite the long standing asking price, here are a few noteworthy features.


  • Front trunk storage compartment
  • Windshield
  • Retractable headlight
  • LCD display
  • Foot warmer


Another unusual tidbit motor scooter fans may enjoy is the Honda Elite 125 moped was utilized in the 1984 movie known as Terminator. 


Road Fox


Dubbed the Road Fox, this three wheeler motor scooter features two wheels in the back and one in the front akin to a tricycle. However, unlike traditional trikes the Road Fox has a foot rest platform between the handlebars and the seat. Speaking of which, the plump saddle juts out from an arching frame that extends up behind the driver. Additional traits listed hereafter.


  • Stays upright when not in use
  • 49cc, two-stroke engine
  • Max speed of 35 mph


Used mopeds with the Honda Red Fox label can be procured for less than $3,000.


Honda FC50


The FC50 is arguably the most difficult to find moped on our list. This rarity status appears to be a byproduct of Honda opting to mainly advertise the motor scooter in Japan. Moped fans that are unfamiliar with the 50cc scooter with a seat may review a few of the features the device possessed down below.


  • Two headlights
  • Windshield like segment located below the handlebar area is tinted
  • Wide dashboard equipped with a plethora of readout displays, such as a tachometer
  • Max speed of 37 mph
  • Two-stroke, liquid cooled engine


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