Are Cricket Golf Carts Any Good?

Cricket golf carts, also known as collapsable mini LSVs, are super portable. Thanks to this neat design, compact golf carts can be stored in areas where space is limited, such as RVs. That said, minimizable golf cars often have noteworthy drawbacks. Therefore, it is detrimental for LSV fans to evaluate whether the aforementioned cons outweigh the pros prior to purchase.


To determine if purchasing a Cricket golf cart is ideal for your unique situation, read on.


Cricket Golf Cart Models


To-date, Cricket offers five different models. Of these designs, one is simply a placeholder for custom projects. As for the other four LSV types, they are named hereafter.


  • ESV
  • SX-3
  • RX5
  • Grasshopper


Before we get into the specifics of each design listed above, let’s review what all Cricket golf carts have in common. Each unit contains a battery motor system that is capable of generating enough energy to traverse about 25 miles. Once the aforementioned energy is consumed, it takes roughly seven hours to recoup the electrical loss.


In addition, the mini LSVs are about 60 inches long, and do not contain a roof. By excluding the overhead coverage, Cricket golf carts commonly fit inside Honda CRVs, full sized SUVs and truck beds.


Unique Cricket Golf Cart Specifications


As we mentioned above, the LSVs produced by Cricket have unique characteristics. Although these traits may not be ideal in every situation, they do provide consumers with a way to quickly determine if a low speed vehicle is right for them. 


So, without further ado, here is a general run down of what each golf cart has to offer.


The base electric golf cart model produced by Cricket is called ESV. This electric LSV is a 2 seater golf cart that can be converted into a four seater low speed vehicle. Speaking of low speeds, the 350 lbs, 32-inch wide ESV is only capable of going about 9 mph. Starting price for this model is $3,500.


Cricket also offers golf cart models that are almost duplicates of each other. To elaborate, the SX-3 and the RX5 are four seater golf carts with the following characteristics. 


  • Weigh 350 lbs
  • 32-inches wide
  • Can achieve up to 10 mph


Nevertheless, the SX-3 and RX5 are not twins. Matter of fact, there are two major differences between the models. Height, and price. These variations are a byproduct of Cricket adding suspension to the RX5, which makes the LSV two inches taller and $1,000 more than the SX-3.


As for the last non-custom model Cricket offers, the device in question is dubbed the Grasshopper. This 39-inch, 400 lbs model is equipped with high-quality components that effortlessly increase the max speed of the LSV to 17 mph. Other traits are below.


  • 18-inch tires
  • Aluminum hub caps
  • Rear cargo rack
  • 1,000 watt motor
  • 16:1 gearbox
  • Three 12-volt batteries


To procure the Grasshopper golf cart model from Cricket, anticipate paying at least $7,500.


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