Are Golf Cart Rentals Worth Paying For?

Buying a street legal golf cart, Ez Go, or Club Car is an expensive investment. Knowing this, low speed vehicle fans typically forgo buying a cart in favor of procuring a much cheaper, albeit temporary, LSV rental. Golf cart fans hoping to determine whether this is a financially sound decision are encouraged to read on as we explore whether cart rentals are worth paying for.


Average Price of a Golf Cart Rental


As we mentioned above, golf car rental rates are typically less expensive than the upfront price of owning an LSV. To demonstrate this, let us take a look at some industry-specific averages.


  • Average price of a 4 seater low speed vehicle is roughly $10,000
  • Daily golf cart rental rate often ranges between $70 and $150
  • MSRP of a luxury limo LSV is usually about $11,000
  • Fee to rent a six seater cart per day is about $110
  • Hourly rental rates are roughly $50 for the first hour and $10 more per subsequent hour
  • Gas powered golf car rental rates often have a separate mileage fee added on


Clearly, golf cart rental rates are worth paying for in certain situations. But as we alluded to before there comes a time when these rental fees stop being a financially sound decision.


Non Cheap Low Speed Vehicle Rentals


In general, when the sum of all golf cart rental fees exceeds the MSRP of a cheap used LSV the payment option becomes illogical. To get a better idea of when this financial threshold is crossed, check out the streamlined estimates below.


  • Without mileage fees factored in, a gas powered six seater golf cart rental can be procured roughly 100 times before the fees become more expensive than the MSRP of a luxury limo low speed vehicle
  • An electric 4 seater golf cart can be rented about 250 times before the sum of the micro payments exceed the average price of a cheap used EZ Go


That said, golf cart rentals appear to no longer be worth paying for if a powersports machine enthusiast plans on using a Club Car or Bintelli Beyond street legal golf cart at least once a day.


Cheap Golf Carts For Sale


In order to do the rental industry justice, it is important to discuss the fact that the MSRP of a golf cart is not the only price LSV owners face. To elaborate, once a cheap low speed vehicle is purchased, the golf cart owner in question may be required to pay the following.


  • Price to cover routine maintenance which can range from $50 to $2,000 depending on how often golf cart upkeep is completed
  • Fees to store a gas powered golf cart can be as little as free or as much as $2,000 a year for a storage unit
  • Fuel expenses
  • Low speed vehicle insurance
  • Street legal golf cart registration
  • Sales and property tax


Be sure to take the aforementioned details into consideration prior to buying a cheap used LSV.


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