Are Golf Carts Worth Investing In?

Let us face it. Inflation, food, and gasoline prices are likely going to remain high for the foreseeable future. That said, one of the best ways to respond to this ongoing trend is to address the issue in a peaceful, proactive manner. Find out how to achieve this seemingly impossible task down below as we explore whether LSVs are worth investing in.


Buy Street Legal Golf Carts


As we mentioned above, prices appear to be incapable of slowing down, and there may be a way to prepare for these issues. Of the available solutions, debatably the best is to buy an LSV and utilize the low speed vehicle in lieu of an automobile. For those unfamiliar with why, here is the scoop. Using a powersports machine, such as the Bintelli Nemesis 4PR Street Legal Golf Cart, on the daily commute can typically reduce monthly expenses related to fuel and insurance.


And speaking of high-quality LSVs, the aforementioned motorized device is a high-quality, four seater low speed vehicle that is street legal in most areas due to the inclusion of the following.


  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Head, tail, turn, and brake lights
  • DOT approved windshield, wipers, tires, and seatbelts
  • 17 digit vin number


Add in the features below, and it is easy to see how this luxury golf cart can be comfortably utilized on the daily commute.


  • Covers about 30 miles per charge
  • Super low monthly fuel expenses
  • No insurance or license required in some areas
  • LED lighting
  • Two-tone premium seats
  • Extended roof
  • AC motor
  • On-board smart charger
  • Cupholders
  • Drop-in cooler
  • Rear flip seat


To recap, using a Bintelli golf cart as a main source of transportation can be a comfortable, money-saving experience that appears to be worth investing in. Households hoping to explore this potential “inflation-fighting” option can find out more about the Bintelli Nemesis 4PR Street Legal Golf Cart by clicking here.


Use LSVs to Earn Income


Powersports machine enthusiasts interested in making an investment to potentially save money and earn income may want to check out the Beyond 6PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart – Loaded! from Bintelli. As the name implies, this six seater LSV is street legal in most areas, and comes with a lift kit installed. Budding low speed vehicle fans can utilize these perks, as well as the following, to chauffeur five paying customers around town in a smooth, comfortable manner. 


  • Reverse camera
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Dual USB plugs
  • Aluminum frame and roof supports
  • LED lighting


To find out more about this $13,100 low speed vehicle, visit the Bintelli website.


Are LSVs Worth Investing In?


Street legal golf carts make it possible for LSV owners to travel in a cost-effective, eco-friendly manner. Furthermore powersports machine fans can utilize these attributes to reduce their carbon footprint and monthly fuel expenses, as well as potentially earn income in a stylish way. Taking this into consideration, budding LSV fans may agree golf carts are worth investing in.


Bintelli Powersports, located in Charleston, South Carolina is your one stop shop for golf carts, LSVs, motorcycles, atvs, dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds, go karts, and more. Nationwide shipping and financing is available! Give them a call at (843) 405-8366 or visit them online!