Are Paper Motorcycles in Our Future?

When someone imagines what a motorcycle looks like odds are the visualized powersports machine is not made of paper. Nevertheless, CAKE has opted to develop an electric motorcycle that features components composed of tree byproducts rather than plastic. Read on to find out more about the yet to be released paper sports bike.


Non Cheap Electric Motorcycle


Cake, a motorcycle manufacturer, is known for producing minimalistic, eco-friendly motorbikes, such as the Makka Flex. For those unfamiliar with the aforementioned sports bike, the powersports machine in question is a street legal motorcycle that offers the following attributes.


  • Gets about 33.5 miles per range
  • Top speed of 30 miles per hour
  • Weighs approximately 154 lbs
  • Generates roughly 4.8 HP


As one may be able to tell from the unique specifications above, the Makka Flex is not a cheap electric motorcycle. Nevertheless, the e sports bike is the cheapest model from Cake. To find out more information about this $4,200 electric powersports machine, click here.


Paper Motorcycles


Without a doubt, Cake produces electric motorcycles composed of plastic components, which generates a large, expensive carbon footprint. Taking this into consideration, the sports bike manufacturer has decided to reduce or eliminate their production of plastic parts. 


To achieve the noble goal, Cake teamed up with an artificial wood component manufacturer known as PaperShell. This futuristic company leverages biochemistry to produce durable paper products capable of replacing most plastic components, and offer the following perks. 


  • Harder than most modern plastics
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Avoids catching fire better than most wood and plastic
  • Produces a super low carbon footprint of 1.4 lbs CO2 per lbs
  • Long-lasting form
  • Does not require the destruction of trees
  • Recyclable


To develop these fabulous and eco-friendly components, PaperShell appears to conduct a four step process. First, the artificial wood component manufacturer works with businesses, such as Cake, to conceptualize and generate 3D blueprints for various industry specific parts. Next, these guidelines are used to design molds and other equipment related to the mass production of customized components. 


During the third segment, PaperShell generates cellulose using glucose molecules, also known as simple sugars. These eco-friendly organic compounds are inexpensive to produce at scale, and can be transformed into almost any shape. However, to do so heat must be applied to the cellulose, which is why the final step seems to include baking the cellulose in a mold.


Once the four step process is complete, the paper components are reported to be stronger, as well as more durable, than most modern plastics and press molded veneer.


Cake Electric Motorcycle


If everything goes as planned, Cake may launch the paper electric motorcycle as early as 2025. That said, no official price has been issued as of date. But given how inexpensive it is to produce cellulose in a lab, there is a decent chance the MSRP of the paper motorcycle is going to be on par with the asking price of the Makka Flex.


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