Are Self Driving Club Cars on the Way?

Eliminating all road related fatalities, injuries, and accidents would be a phenomenal feat. Although society aims to achieve this goal, the mission has yet to be accomplished. So, to speed up the evolution of road safety, self-driving devices are being developed.


These artificial intelligence systems are designed to operate machinery, detect road signs and external stimuli to avoid preventable accidents. Needless to say, the futuristic technology is rather powerful, and its potential almost boundless. A great example of this is the self-driving Club Car.


Club Car Caddies


As we mentioned above, Club Car has invented a self-driving golf car. However, what we failed to mention is the LSVs are not made for riding. Instead, self-driving Club Cars are currently designed to be used as a caddy. Here is how it works.


Golfers place their golf bags, equipment, and drinks inside the autonomous device. Meanwhile, a golf enthusiast adds a clip to the clothes they are wearing. This removable equipment emits a unique signal the self-driving Club Car syncs up with and monitors. 


Out on the course, the Club Car caddie follows behind the signal source at a specific distance. In addition, a few safety measures appear to be in place. For example, to ensure gravity does not overpower the device while traversing a hill, the self-driving Club Car increases its distance from the clip signal. Other noteworthy features are listed below.


  • GPS location
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port
  • Beverage cooler
  • Sand bottle
  • Cup holder
  • Tri-wheel


Based on this design, it is pretty clear the new self-driving Club Car is not a street legal golf car. Furthermore, golf cart enthusiasts hoping to try the novel device out may be a bit dismayed to learn it is an exclusive treat.


Where to Experience Self-Driving Club Cars


As-of-date, Club Car designed the autonomous golf car for Walt Disney. Due to this, only golfers at the Walt Disney World Resort have a shot at using the new device. If, that is, a self-driving Club Car is available at the time. 


According to the Walt Disney blog, “When booking your next Tee Time, acknowledge your interest in utilizing one of our current fleet, but please note that they will only be available on a first-come first-served basis”. For pricing, course details, and other information, go here.


Unfortunately, no further details are offered about how the artificial intelligence system works inside the golf car. As a result, it is unclear as to whether or not the self-driving Club Car has collision detection and avoidance features. If these components are missing, golfers that cross paths may inadvertently cause their respective autonomous Club Cars to crash into each other. 


Or worse, hit their fellow golfers. 


As for rideable, self-driving golf carts, students at James Madison University are actively developing such devices for local retirement homes. Readers interested in finding out more may do so here.


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