Are There Different Golf Cart Roofs?

Transforming an LSV into a custom golf cart can be as easy as equipping a cup holder. That said, small additions, such as adding gear designed to hold a drink, are often not noticeable from a distance. 


Taking this into consideration, golf cart fans may opt to swap out the roof of an LSV to make the custom model stand out from the crowd. If this unique solution sounds ideal, read on to explore the types of golf cart roofs that are available.


Solar Panel Golf Cart Roof


Generating electricity via solar panels is a multipurpose, eco-friendly customization option. When used on gas powered golf carts, this tech can power custom electrical devices, such as heaters, freezers, and air conditioning units. 


On electric powered LSVs, the solar panel roof can be used to energize the device with free energy. In addition, solar panels can act as a roof or reinforce the current one installed.


Remove The Roof


Taking the roof off of a golf cart is a sure fire way to ensure an LSV stands out. Other perks of pursuing this rather extreme task are below. 


  • Makes a custom golf cart appear to be a mini automobile
  • Can be desirable for evening rides 
  • Great for star viewing adventures


As an added bonus, going roofless is bound to garner a few questions, which can lead to interesting conversations and new friendships.


Extended Roofs


In general, golf cart roofs are designed to fit the inner dimensions of the cabin rather than suit the needs of those operating the device. To elaborate, stock LSV roofs are not always big enough to keep occupants shielded from the sun, nor dry during a downpour. 


Those that want to avoid this type of design flaw should look into purchasing an extended roof. These larger top shields expand elemental coverage and can be fitted in a balanced way to avoid making the LSV top heavy.


Collapsible Roofs


LSV fans that do not use a golf car year round may want to look into purchasing a collapsible roof. This overhead gear makes golf carts more compact by lowering the roof by 20 inches. Although the height difference is not ideal when using the device, the reduced size does make storing the LSV in a storage unit a bit easier. 


To find out more about this novel product, go here.


Drop Top Golf Cart Roof


Akin to automobiles, EZ Gos, Club Cars, and other 4 seater golf carts can be equipped with a drop top. However, unlike traditional vehicles, it is much easier to swap out the roof a golf cart than it is for a car or truck.


Another noteworthy difference is custom drop top LSVs are often equipped with a canopy, rather than a hardtop. In case you are not familiar, canopy roofs are made from waterproof cloth, whereas hardtops are made from plastic or metal. Be sure to take this into consideration before removing the roof of any golf cart.


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