Awesome Golf Cart Decor Ideas

When everyone in the community has a stock golf cart, the LSVs can start to look pretty bland. To prevent this rather dull situation, golf cart enthusiasts have opted to alter the appearance of EZ GOs, Club Cars, and lifted LSVs. Thanks to this creative solution, community members are able to generate excitement by simply cruising along in a custom golf cart.


In this article, we take a look at a few of our favorite decor ideas.


Big Rig Golf Cart


Semi trucks are considered to be large vehicles capable of hauling tons of cargo. So, when a “mini big rig” golf cart is spotted in a neighborhood, odds are the LSV in question is going to garner some double takes. 


To get a better idea of what we are referencing, check out this big rig golf cart. 


The device in question leaves the sides wide open while going all out with front, back, and undercarriage decor. Given this level of detail, it is highly likely the LSV owner is, or was, a truck driver at some point in time.


Wheelchair Accessible


Low speed vehicles make it possible for those with limited mobility to travel in comfort. However, this feat is only possible if those who are wheelchair bound are able to climb onto an Ezgo, Club Car, or lifted cart. Taking this into consideration, considerate LSV operators transformed a limo golf cart into a wheelchair accessible device, by adding a loading ramp to the side.


Custom Golf Cart


There are a plethora of fabulous ways to customize an LSV, and not all of them are complex. For example, this LSV was transformed into a custom golf cart by painting the device with gorgeous purple shading, then adding vibrant silver trim. To complete the classy look, the original golf cart seats were swapped out with luscious bench seats.


T-Bucket Hot Rod LSV


Restoring old automobiles is a lot of work, and super expensive. Taking this into consideration, a golf cart enthusiast opted to transform their LSV into a mini T-Bucket Hot Rod. Included on the device are blue flames, side mounted tires, a front grill, and matching lights. Given the amount of effort put into the T-Bucket Hot Rod golf cart, it is worth reviewing.


RV Golf Cart


In case you have not heard, tiny homes are somewhat popular due to reduced overall annual spending, and a more intimate relationship with nature. To elaborate, tiny homes can typically be erected off grid, and hooked up to eco-friendly fuel sources.


That said, these shelters are usually at least 100 square feet. 


Taking this into consideration, most of us are a bit skeptical when it comes to the RV golf cart. In the image, a mini camper appears to be attached to a Honda Pioneer 1000. Although the aforementioned model is capable of hauling a literal ton thanks to the 999cc engine, the RV is only as wide as the LSV, thus making it impractical to live in.


Nevertheless, the concept itself is worth marveling over.


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