Best 250cc Mopeds in 2021

CCs, or cubic centimeters, represent how large the capacity of an engine is. In general, the aforementioned space houses fuel for a brief moment, then sends it to the engine to be burned. 


Taking this into consideration, many powersport enthusiasts regard higher CCs as more powerful. Although this assessment can be true, larger CCs do not automatically mean a used moped is going to go faster than a scooter with small cubic centimeters.


See, a 49cc scooter or a 50cc moped can go just as fast as a 250cc scooter with a seat. This is achieved via high-quality parts that are specifically capable of producing large torque and compression ratios. 


That said, read on to find out which 250cc mopeds are the best in 2021.


2021 Honda Forza 250


As of February 2021, the new Honda Forza 250 officially launched. If you missed the memo, fret not. This product appears to only be available in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, this powerful scooter with a seat made our list for the following reasons.


  • Made for long-distance travel
  • Keyless ignition system
  • Two seats
  • 23 HP
  • Underseat storage has enough room for two helmets
  • Max torque of 24 Nm
  • USB ports
  • Liquid cooled engine with a compression ratio of 10:2:1
  • 7 inch adjustable windshield
  • Max speed of 69 mph
  • 3 gallon tank


Needless to say, this gas powered scooter for adults is worth buying. So, if Honda ever decides to launch the moped in the United States, be sure to procure one for $6,000.


2021 Yamaha XMAX


Although it is not a pure 250cc moped, the XMAX from Yamaha is worth mentioning. Externally, the XMAX looks like any other navy blue moped with matte black paneling. However, under the hood, the aforementioned covers house the following machinery.


  • 292cc liquid cooled engine 
  • Compression ratio of 10.9:1
  • 3.4 gallon tank
  • Fuel-efficient components capable of achieving 75 mpg
  • Smart Key system
  • Windshield


Hardcore fans of 250cc scooters that are willing to ignore the extra 42cc can purchase this $5,700 moped here. But bear in mind, there is a $425 shipping fee.


GTS 250cc Street Legal Moped Scooter


Another noteworthy 250cc moped worth looking into is the GTS from Extreme Motor Sales, Inc. As the name implies, this gas powered scooter is street legal in most states. Plus, this scooter with a seat is actually available here in the U.S. for about $2,500. 


Specifications and features are below.


  • 4-stroke engine
  • MP3 radio
  • Max speed of 56 mph
  • 3 gallon tank
  • Large aerodynamic windshield
  • LED lights


As an added bonus, the GTS 250cc Street Legal Moped Scooter is available in five colors: Silver, Burgundy, White, Blue, and Black. That said, this gas powered motor scooter appears to require some assembly. Be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase.


Used 250cc Mopeds


Powersports technology advances every year. With these changes come fuel-efficient engines that require less gasoline, and thus need fewer CCs to operate.


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