Best Beach Golf Carts

Between the sun, surf, and warm sand, beach vacations can be a lot of fun. However, this picturesque destination is not an ideal riding location for most golf carts. In this article, we explore why and take a look at the best beach golf carts.


Golf Carts on the Beach


Unlike asphalt, sand is not firm. As a result, the course material generates very little traction. The best way to bypass this issue is via tires with tread capable of utilizing any type of terrain. 


As you may know, most golf cart tires are not designed for this type of task. That said, it is not just stock tires that make beach riding a challenge for golf carts. See, the engine on an Ez go, Club Car, or lifted golf cart has to be powerful enough to trudge through sand, with or without beach friendly tires.


Taking this into consideration, LSV enthusiasts hoping to drive a low speed vehicle on the beach should consider buying a sand-friendly golf cart. To help you get started on your search for “golf carts for sale near me” we have generated the following list of LSVs. Each one is equipped with sand resistant surfaces, tires, and engine model needed for beach riding.


EZ Go Gas Inferno L6 Express


Ready to bring the party to the beach? Check out the EZ Go Gas Inferno L6 Express. This six seater golf cart can haul you, festival equipment, and five others across the beach thanks to ample engine power. 


To further protect the LSV, EZ Go opted to make the Inferno a lifted golf cart. By doing so, the golf cart manufacturer increased the distance between the terrain and undercarriage, thus reducing erosion caused by saltwater or sand. Other features are below.


  • Sand friendly tires
  • Windshield
  • Brake lights
  • Horn
  • Headlights
  • Back seat unfolds into a cargo deck


As an added bonus, the extra safety features make this $10,500 device street legal.


Club Car XRT 1550 SE


Featuring a four point roll-over system, the XRT1550 SE is a unique beach vehicle. Under the hood, Club Car equipped the LSV with a Kawasaki 4-cylinder engine. Since this equipment is capable of producing 20.1 horsepower, the golf car can tackle almost all types of sand with the right tires equipped. 


To keep riders safe, the rust-resistant Club Car comes with terrain sensing technology that automatically invokes all-wheel drive where needed. As a result, the XRT1550 SE takes a lot of guesswork out of identifying how much power is needed to drive on tricky terrains. 


Additional noteworthy feats are below.


  • Storage cowl fits about 25 lbs of supplies under the front hood
  • Able to put about 800 lbs in the back cargo box area
  • Can tow up to 2,000 lbs
  • Driver seat is adjustable
  • Rear and front suspension


That said, the four seater golf cart does not come with a sun resistant roof. Be sure to take that into consideration before purchasing the XRT1550 SE for $15,000.


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