Best Electric Mopeds For Adults in 2021

Gas powered mopeds generate a great deal of power output. In addition, the scooter type has steadily been evolved to consume less fuel. Between the two aforementioned feats, it may be surprising to learn that electric scooters with a seat are gaining more popularity compared to gas powered mopeds. In this article, we discuss the possible reasons this trend is occuring, and review the best electric mopeds for adults in 2021.


Gas Powered Mopeds vs Electric Scooters


Unlike gas powered mopeds, electric motor scooters run on electricity. Thanks to this distinction, moped enthusiasts can disassociate themselves almost completely from fossil fuels, and save money in the process. To elaborate, the average price per gallon in the United States is about $3.25, whereas the average price per kilowatt is 13.19 cents. 


To put the figures above into perspective, here is a quick comparison.


  • Gas powered mopeds that get 100 mpg require $3.25 in gasoline to cover 100 miles
  • Electric mopeds that achieve 100 miles per kWh need about $0.13 in electricity to travel the same distance


That said, paying for gasoline may be preferable for those in need of a moped that produces a strong, consistent power output. 


Now that we know a bit more about the differences between gas powered mopeds and e motor scooters, let’s take a look at the best electric mopeds for adults in 2021.


Vespa Elettrica 


Available in two colors, the Vespa Elettrica is capable of going 44 mph. Although this pales in comparison to the average power output produced by gas powered mopeds, the Vespa moped does come with quite a few perks.


  • Super silent motor
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Consistent power output
  • Fully charged in 4-hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Helmet compartment storage under seat


Moped fans hoping to procure the Vespa Elettrica can anticipate paying about $7,600.


Ola Electric 


Interested in riding a cute electric scooter with a seat? Then check out the Ola Electric! The images shown on the company website showcase what appears to be an adorable robot-like electric moped. As an added bonus, the Ola Electric comes in vibrant colors, offers plenty of “boot space”, and claims to generate super acceleration. 


Unfortunately, no additional details are provided as-of-date.


Silence SO2 


Moped enthusiasts in need of an electric scooter with a seat that is designed to haul cargo may want to procure the SO2 from Silence. This nifty two-wheeled motorized device offers a top speed of 56 mph and an impressive max capacity of 728 lbs. 


To ensure riders are able to maintain control while operating the device, the handlebar dashboard is packed with easy to reach controls, and a bright display panel. Other noteworthy perks are listed below.


  • Room for two
  • Can support a 200 liter storage box
  • Has three driver modes for optimal fuel consumption
  • Able to go in reverse
  • Noise free engine
  • LED lighting
  • Comes with onboard diagnostics for easy maintenance 


For more information about the electric scooters with a seat from Silence, go here.


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