Best Electric Trikes in 2022

In general, e trikes are stabiler than electric bikes, and offer more storage options to boot. As a result, cyclists often rely on 3-wheeled e bicycles to conduct tasks that are borderline impossible to achieve on e bikes. 


Budding e trike enthusiasts hoping to use the aforementioned perks in an ebike-based business are encouraged to check out the following best electric tricycles in 2022.


Streek Active Cargo Trike


Made by Stroke, the Streek e trike is a three-wheeled bicycle that is specifically designed to haul cargo. To achieve this feat, Stroke developed an e trike with the following frame style.


  • Cargo area in the center of the electric tricycle
  • Storage segment is supported by two 18” front wheels
  • Rider seat is positioned over the back 20” tire
  • Streamlined handlebar rests behind the cargo portion
  • Battery located on handlebar stem 
  • Pedals are located between the handlebar and seat


As an added bonus, the electric three-wheeled bike fits within the spatial dimensions of traditional ebikes, thus making the powersports machine a potential upgrade option for couriers. Other noteworthy details are highlighted below.


  • Low center of gravity makes hauling large cargo somewhat easy
  • Pedal assist system
  • 250W rear hub motor
  • Suspension is independent
  • Hoop frame center is equipped with several mounting points to address various cargo housing requirements


Without a doubt, this electric tricycle appears to be a viable asset to the courier industry. Yet, despite this profitable potential, Stroke has opted not to publicly disclose the MSRP of the e trike. Cyclists hoping to see this novel e trike for themselves may be able to do so by visiting the Stroke website here.


Bintelli Trio Electric Trike


Another e trike worth checking out is the Bintelli Trio Electric Trike. This three-wheeled powersports machine features a step-through design, turn assist, and the following.


  • Front and back cargo baskets with lids
  • Recharge time of about 5-hours
  • Max range of 30 miles per charge
  • 500W front-mounted brushless hub motor
  • LED head and tail lights
  • LCD digital display
  • Three fenders


In addition, couriers and other etrike-based hauling businesses can utilize the Bintelli electric trike to move up to 300 lbs at any given time. To find out more about this $2,200 electric tricycle visit the Bintelli website here.


Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle


Schwinn started out as a bicycle manufacturer in 1895. Since then, Schwinn expanded their product line to include folding e bikes, electric bicycles, and e trikes, such as the Meridian Adult Tricycle. For those unfamiliar with the model, here is the scoop. The novel electric trike features a step-through aluminum frame, as well as a rear cargo basket, and the following.


  • 7-speed drivetrain
  • 26-inch wheels
  • Fenders
  • Swept back handlebars


Needless to say, with an asking price of $536 and a decent amount of customization options, it is easy to see why this cheap electric trike made our list. For more information about this 280 lbs, electric tricycle, click here.


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