Best Four Wheeler Trailers in 2021

ATVs and UTVs are powerful devices. Four wheeler enthusiasts can utilize this strength to haul cargo to remote locations. However, to do so in a cost-effective manner, an appropriately sized ATV trailer is needed. In this article, we cover the best four wheeler trailer models UTV fans can buy in 2021.


Argi-Fab 45-0101


Weighing only 93 lbs, the Argi-Fab 45-0101 can house up to 750 lbs. This impressive amount of cargo capacity is distributed across two thin 16” wheels, which are balanced out by hooking the device up to a four wheeler. 


Although the design can be a bit cumbersome when it comes to jackknife avoidance, Argi-Fab makes up for the issue in quite a few ways. The ATV device is lightweight, easy to assemble, and has a decent size bed measuring 32.5” x 49″ x 12″. As an added bonus, the Argi-Fab 45-0101 is only $199, making it the least expensive ATV trailer on our list.


Polar Trailer 8232 HD


For those that do not mind paying a bit more for extra haul capacity, check out the Polar Trailer 8232 HD. The ATV and UTV attachment is capable of holding 1,200 lbs of cargo, yet weighs a mere 102 lbs. Other noteworthy features are below.


  • Dense polyethylene Tilt & Pivot frame with powder coat finish
  • Ball bearings are sealed
  • Axle designed for extra clearance over uneven terrain
  • Tipper latch comes with quick release valve
  • Thick wheels
  • 15 cubic feet of cargo space


In addition, the measurements of this trailer are 84″ x 45″ x 31″, and the sides are solid. ATV enthusiasts interested in purchasing the Polar Trailer 8232 HD may do so for about $345.


MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV


On occasion, the price of an atv trailer does not matter as much as how much the device can hold. Utility terrain vehicle fans finding themselves in this predicament should checkout the MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV. For just under $489, UTV enthusiasts can secure a trailer with the following traits.


  • 1,500 load capacity
  • Sturdy steel with removable side rails
  • Quick release valve
  • Tilting capabilities
  • 18” x 6.4” tires
  • 15 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Pass through axle


According to reviews, this atv trailer is ideal for transporting solid, medium to large sized objects. A great example of this would be hauling logs, sticks, or wrapped up yard debris, since these items tend to fit nicely inside the 56” x 30” x 15” bed. That said, the MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV does not have solid sides. 


Instead, steel mesh rails are welded on. Above this small portion resides bulky metal rails that adds extra dimensional range measuring 85” x 48” x 30” in height. 


Since neither the rails nor the mesh are capable of preventing small particles from falling out, this atv trailer is not ideal for transporting loose material, such as sand and gravel. Be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase.


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