Best Golf Cart Batteries in 2021

Buying an energy capsule can be a worthwhile investment. However, spending a moderate amount of money on an expensive battery with a short lifespan is just a waste of money. To ensure the next LSV battery you buy is the former rather than the latter, read on.


What Makes a Golf Cart Battery Worth Buying?


When shopping online for golf cart batteries, LSV owners may opt to base their purchase on price. Although this general rule of thumb is useful, low price tags often represent the use of cheap components rather than signify a good deal. 


Taking this into consideration, golf cart fans are encouraged to compare the price tag as well as the amount of features included when evaluating golf cart batteries. To elaborate, most LSV batteries worth buying have the following traits.


  • Average charge lasts close to 20 miles
  • Battery lifespan is upwards of 10 years or more
  • Provides fluid, consistent energy
  • Becomes fully charged in a short amount of time


That said, the following golf cart batteries appear to offer the above characteristics.


Interstate Batteries


Boasting an extremely long lifespan, the batteries from Interstate can be purchased at retail outlets, such as Costco. Prices for these nifty energy capsules range from $47 to $120, and the most expensive golf cart battery models appear to be super popular. As an added bonus, delivery is available for these hefty units, and all capsules from Interstate have the following.


  • 6-month warranty
  • Designed to withstand damage from vibrations
  • Allows front and top terminal connection
  • Non-spillable
  • Leak proof valve


For more information about these delightful energy units, go here.


Trojan Golf Cart Batteries


Available in 6, 8, and 12-volt, the flooded batteries from Trojan are compatible with a wide variety of LSVs. Beyond the aforementioned versatility, the energy capsules Trojan produces are known for generating consistent power output on a long-term basis. 


Other noteworthy perks are mentioned hereafter.


  • Guess free watering process
  • Maintenance takes less than a minute to do
  • Comprised of high-quality components
  • May last longer than the LSV the battery is put into


Unfortunately, there is a pretty steep asking price for the golf cart batteries made by Trojan. Be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase.


Universal Power Group


To procure a battery capable of working with multiple devices, check out the UB12180 from Universal Power Group. This $45 energy unit has the features listed below as well.


  • Can be mounted in many positions
  • Non-spillable
  • Valve regulated
  • 12-volt
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs only 12 lbs
  • Compatible with some LSVs


For those hoping to buy a golf cart battery with a lower voltage, check out the other energy capsules from Universal Power Group. Although they are more expensive, the golf cart battery manufacturer ships the energy units for free.


Mighty Max Batteries


This golf cart battery manufacturer produces LSV batteries that leverage gel technology to power devices. By using novel gel functionality, Mighty Max is able to offer long-lasting and relatively cheap golf cart batteries. For example, a 12-volt gel battery is only $74.


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