Best Golf Cart Christmas Decorations in 2021

Driving a holiday themed LSV around the neighborhood is a great way to bring a bit of cheer to the area. Knowing this, low speed vehicle owners install the following festive decorations onto their EZ GOs, Club Cars, and other luxury golf carts.


Win & Co Christmas Golf Car Hanging Legs Accessories


Win & Co Christmas Golf Car Hanging Legs Accessories can be utilized to perpetuate the idea that holiday characters are real and therefore, can be kidnapped. Low speed vehicle owners that find this type of decor humorous can procure the golf cart decoration for $12.95 on Amazon. Other noteworthy features are listed below.


  • Santa Claus or Elf legs can be obtained
  • Requires no tools to install
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to add to an LSV
  • Dimensions are 19 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Currently has 4.6 stars out of 5


For more information about this golf car decor, go here.


Christmas Steering Wheel Cover


Add a bit of holiday cheer to the interior of a Club Car, Ez Go, or limo golf cart by installing the Christmas Steering Wheel Cover from GOMEIGUO. This low speed vehicle decor features a red plaid design, scattered snowflakes, and the following traits.


  • Fits almost every golf car steering wheel thanks to a 14.5-15 inch diameter
  • Temperature, flame, and wear resistant
  • Breathable material
  • Sweat absorption
  • Decor is made of neoprene which generates excellent grip strength


To procure this easy-to-install low speed vehicle decor, anticipate paying about $11.


Big Car Bow


Golf car fans can make an LSV look like a giant present by installing a SESEAT Big Car Bow to their powersports machine. This high-quality, rain resistant decor is available in two sizes, and both can be installed onto the roof of almost any low speed vehicle.


That said, Club Car, Ez GO, and four seater golf cart fans may want to considered adding other decorations to their powersports machine to avoid any confusion as to whether the motorized device is being given away. 


For more information about the giant, red decoration, go here.


Christmas Lights Snowflake String


As the name implies, the Christmas Lights Snowflake String from MILEXING features plastic frozen water shapes equipped with LEDs. This unique string of lights is about 19.6 feet long, waterproof, and comes with the following features.


  • Copper wire integrated into the decor can be bent into any shape
  • Metal encased string has 40 snowflakes installed
  • Each frozen water shape is 4 inches wide and made of epoxy resin
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries
  • Comes with a controller so golf cart fans can turn the lights on, off, or to twinkle mode


It is important to note the aforementioned settings panel is not detachable, nor waterproof. Since these two traits can be problematic in inclement weather, golf cart fans are encouraged to create a waterproofing plan prior to purchase. 


LSV enthusiasts hoping to find out more about this $12 LSV decoration can do so here.


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