Best Golf Cart Cup Holders in 2022

Cruising around the neighborhood in a low speed vehicle can generate a great deal of mental and social enrichment. But despite how awesome these perks are, golf cart riding can typically be improved upon. 


For example, one of the most common ways to improve the act of joyriding is to install comfort-boosting modifications, such as beverage holding containers. Owners of Club Cars, Ez-Gos, and four seater LSVs interested in adding this powersports machine accessory are encouraged to read on as we explore the best golf cart cup holders in 2022.


Golf Cart Cupholders


The Golf Cart Cupholders from BlackLabCustomShop comes with two individual units. These LSV accessories are 3D printed and rated for outdoor use, which means the material is unlikely to fade or corrode due to exposure to the elements. 


And as an added bonus, the Golf Cart Cupholders offer the following attributes.


  • Dimensions are 4.88” wide and 3.15” tall
  • LSV accessory can be customized for an extra fee
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Can be mounted to almost any metal basket or related equipment


To touch on that last bullet point, the custom golf cart accessory features multiple perforations that are strategically placed to increase mounting configuration. For more information about this $37 custom golf car cup holder, visit BlackLabCustomShop.




Golf cart enthusiasts interested in a cheap LSV cup holder may want to check out the RoboCup. This low speed vehicle accessory houses two beverages, or similar-sized items, and can be mounted to surfaces that are less than 2” wide. Additional noteworthy attributes are below.


  • Two padded clamps open by squeezing the cup holders together
  • Mount can be locked into position using any 4” cable-tie
  • Easy-to-clean thanks to the inclusion of two removable bottom end caps


That said, the RoboCup appears to be incompatible with hot drinks and therefore may not be able to withstand the extreme heat generated inside a golf cart enclosure. LSV fans still interested in finding out more about this $27 golf cart accessory may be able to do so here.


Golf Cart Armrest with Cup Holder


The last LSV accessory that made our list is the Golf Car Armrest with Cup Holder. As the name implies, this low speed vehicle modification is an armrest with an area carved out for beverages. However, what the product title does not reveal is the 4 seater golf car accessory comes with two armrests instead of just one. 


Add in the following attributes, and it is easy to see why this non-cheap LSV upgrade is $42.


  • Can be installed in 10 minutes if seat arm rails have pre-drilled holes
  • Comes with mounting hardware, such as load bearing U brackets
  • High-elastic, internal-waterproof foam
  • Leather covering
  • Thick, plastic mesh bottom plate
  • Detachable
  • Easy-to-clean
  • 17.3” long, 7.08” and 4.3” wide at each end


Golf cart enthusiasts hoping to find out more about this package deal are encouraged to visit the 10L0L website.


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