Best Golf Cart Heaters of 2020

When the temperature drops most people become homebodies. Although this solution tends to reduce seasonal illnesses, constantly staying at home can be a real bummer. Fortunately, there are ways to keep frigid temps at bay while riding around in an EZ Go, Club Car, or LSV. 


One of the best methods is to equip a golf cart with an enclosure and heater. That said, not all golf cart heaters are made the same. As a result, some units are more efficient than others. Read on to find out which golf cart heaters are considered to be the best this year.


Bintelli Electric Vehicle Heater


Bintelli, a powersports manufacturer, is well-known for making high-quality machines and related accessories. As a result, the devices made by Bintelli can often be utilized in other machines developed they manufacture. For example, the electric vehicle heater made by Bintelli can also be used in bubbles and shuttles, rather than just Bintelli golf carts.


However, there is a trade-off for this type of versatility. Bintelli accessories are specifically made to work with the powersport devices also made by the company. So, LSV enthusiasts hoping to purchase a Bintelli golf cart should also look into purchasing the $895 accessory to stay warm during the colder months.


Mr. Heater 4,000 BTU Golf Cart Heater


The process of mounting an LSV heater to a dashboard can be time consuming. To bypass the process altogether, check out the 4,000 BTU Golf Cart Heater from Mr. Heater. This compact unit runs on propane and fits securely into cup holders. Other noteworthy features are below.


  • Wind resistant burner
  • Automatically shuts off if oxygen level gets too low or if the golf cart tips over
  • Designed to last for years
  • One propane charge produces about 5.5 hours of heat


To find out more information about this $95 heater, go here.


Climate Caddy Golf Cart Heater


Having 100° F air blowing into the cabin of a low speed vehicle is a sure fire way to stay warm. If this sounds like an optimal solution check out the golf cart heater from Climate Caddy. This $220 unit pumps out bursts of hot air in 45 second intervals, and comes with the following.


  • Carrying case
  • Cooling fan for summer use
  • Sensors to monitor battery consumption
  • Cord keeper
  • Impact and UV resistant plastic exterior


As an added bonus, the 48V unit comes with a 2-year warranty.


DC Thermal Cab Heater


What the perfect room temperature is considered to be varies from person to person. However, being able to control the aforementioned degrees is a desire shared by all. Taking this into consideration, DC Thermal developed a heater with a digital temperature controller and 3’ remote control. 


By combining these features with a golf cart enclosure, LSV owners can keep the cabin as close as possible to “perfect room temperature”. For more information about the $420 heater and related controllers, check out the DC Thermal website.


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