Best Golf Cart Ideas for 4th of July in 2021

Every year, citizens of the United States celebrate Independence Day. This federal holiday is the date in which America stood united in liberation from Great Britain 245 years ago. To honor the anniversary, citizens across the nation ignite fireworks, have cook outs, and decorate their possessions in the iconic red, white, and blue.


That said, LSV fans are known to go all out when it comes to gussying up golf carts for the 4th of July. In this article, we cover how to achieve similar results on an EzGo, Club Car, or golf cart.


How to Decorate Golf Cart for 4th of July


Seeing a red, white, and blue luxury golf cart cruising around the neighborhood is delightful. However, actually decorating said golf cart is a bit tedious. Taking this into consideration, here are a few tips on how to apply 4th of July golf cart decorations in a quick, streamlined manner.


  • Apply red, white, and blue streamers to the roof
  • Add a bunch of American flags
  • Cover LSV hood with a large picture of Uncle Sam
  • Apply red, white, and blue pinwheels
  • Equip color changing lights around the parameter of a golf cart


When seeking the holiday decor listed above, be sure to only utilize outdoor compatible items. By doing so, owners of lifted golf carts can ensure the decor they add is capable of withstanding the elements, and thus maintaining its appearance on a long-term basis. 


Golf Cart Decorations for 4th of July


To make a luxury golf cart look super festive, consider adding a bit of texture. For example, pom poms effortlessly add volume to the exterior of a low speed vehicle without hindering view. In case you are not familiar, pom poms are bushy bundles of plastic that resemble hydrangeas. As an added bonus, the cheer gear is inexpensive, and available in red, white, and blue. 


To get a better idea of this concept, go here.


For those hoping to decorate an LSV for the 4th of July with decor that is a bit on the wild side, we recommend exploring the firework theme. This novel concept can be achieved by crafty golf cart owners that are not afraid of using a wide range of craft items to develop a scene that portrays fireworks going off. 


If done correctly, the golf cart decorations for 4th of July may end up looking similar to this golf cart. In case the image does not load, the picture showcases a low speed vehicle that has “fireworks” shooting off of the roof of an LSV.


For LSV fans that enjoy investing oodles of time into 4th of July decor, consider exploring the use of paper mache. With this medium, LSV owners can sculpt wonderous 4th of July themed designs, and then strategically add them to their low speed vehicle. Themed concepts include a paper mache of Uncle Sam, an American flag, and any other symbol associated with the USA.


A great, albeit dangerous, example of the aforementioned concept may be found here.


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