Best Golf Cart Phone Mounts in 2022

Cheap used gas powered golf carts are often inexpensive due to a distinct lack of LSV accessories. As a result, the cabin inside a second-hand low speed vehicle can be an unwelcoming environment. Club Car, EZGo, and luxury cart fans aiming to avoid this situation may be able to do so by installing comfort-enhancing gear, such as an LSV phone mount.


Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy


LSV fans interested in owning a cheap golf cart phone holder are encouraged to check out the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy. This $25 cart accessory is flexible enough to be safely stored in a purse or golf cart bag, and offers other noteworthy perks, such as the following.


  • Weighs less than ⅕ lb
  • Available in a wide array of styles and five different colors
  • Can hold almost every phone model 
  • Features adjustable sliding walls and thumb screw grips
  • Attaches to round or rectangular surfaces with widths between ¾” and 1.25” 
  • Velcro strap makes this cheap LSV accessory is easy to install 


That said, it is important to note the replaceable velcro appears to lose strength over time, and the device stops working if the thumb screws are lost. For more information about this golf cart accessory, visit the Desert Fox Golf website.


Expandable Cup Holder Car Table Tray With Phone Slot


Driving to a cozy location to have a picnic can be a fun experience. LSV owners hoping to experience this splendid outing in their powersports machine may want to buy the Expendable Cup Holder Car Table Tray With Phone Slot. As the name implies, this golf car accessory extends the capacity of a built-in cup holder and comes with a tray as well as a phone slot. 


Other noteworthy attributes are listed hereafter.


  • Can house bottles and cups that are 4” in diameter or less thanks to six soft grips
  • Comes with adjustable segments
  • Golf cart phone holder is located behind and attached to the 9” tray
  • Appears to have enough room for one fast food meal
  • Weighs 1.63 lbs


Add in a 2-year warranty as well as a $40 price tag, and it is easy to see why this low speed vehicle phone caddy from Macally is worth checking out.


Golf Cart Phone Mount


Club Car, Ez-Go, and other luxury golf cart fans that often leave belongings in their powersports machine may want to buy the Golf Cart Phone Mount from Tackform. This aluminum LSV phone mount is typically unable to dissipate heat in a timely manner, which makes the gear less likely to be stolen on a hot sunny day. 


Additional features are listed below.


  • Fits onto bars, poles, or rods with a diameter of 1.25” or less
  • Omni-directional, spring-loaded cradle design
  • LSV phone mount features a rubber liner to protect smartphone
  • Clamp size can be reduced via a large knob and screw
  • Weighs 12 oz


To find out more about this $60 low speed vehicle accessory, click here.


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