Best Motorcycle Light Kits in 2022

Motorcycle light kits are used to make a sports bike glow vibrantly in the dark. Thanks to this effect, motorcyclists can use the sports bike accessory to create awesome visuals for fellow riders, as well as random pedestrians. Owners of Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Harley Davidson motorcycles interested in adding this colorful gear to their motorized device are encouraged to read on to find out which motorcycle light kits are considered to be the best in 2022.


LEDGlow Bluetooth Motorcycle Lighting Kit With Smartphone Control


As the title implies, the motorcycle light kit from LEDGlow comes with a smartphone control. This nifty feature makes it possible to change the LED lights to almost any shade and generate custom light patterns on the fly. Other noteworthy attributes are listed below.


  • Waterproof control box is easy to hide
  • Lights are equipped with an emergency shutoff feature that activates when the voltage on a motorcycle battery drops to 10 volts or less
  • Motorcycle accessory can be integrated into light brake system, and works even if the control box is off


Motorcyclists interested in procuring this sports bike light kit may be delighted to know the gear is available in multiple sizes. To find out more about this $140 sports bike accessory, go here.


12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit


Produced by Suparee, the 12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit is versatile enough to work on Harleys and Kawasakis, as well as other cheap used sports bikes. To achieve this feat, Suparee designed the lights to work with almost any DC 12V power source, and to stick to almost any clean surface.


That said, once the light strips are in place, motorcyclists can utilize a flexible, wireless remote to set the LEDs to one of seven colors, turn specific lights on or off, and save the freshly customized settings. 


For more information about this $73 motorcycle light kit, go here.


10pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit


For those hoping to grab a cheap sports bike light kit, check out the 10pc Motorcycle LED Light Kit from HYBKLER. This $30 sports bike accessory is reported to be compatible with used sports bikes, as well as 3-wheeled motorcycles, such as the Polaris Slingshot.


Beyond the universal compatibility perk, the 10pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit offers motorcyclists a wide range of modern, technological perks, and a few examples are listed below.


  • Capable of displaying more than one color at a time
  • LEDs can be customized
  • Lights produce up to 1,000 lumens per meter
  • Bluetooth compatible makes it easy to change color and pattern on the fly
  • Turn red when brakes are applied
  • Sync with music to produce vivid visuals


Motorcyclists interested in purchasing this cheap used sports bike accessory can anticipate receiving a motorcycle light kit packed with the following.


  • Three 4.9″ 6 LED strips
  • Four 8.5″ 12 LED strips
  • Three 12.6″ 18 LED strips
  • Control box with kill switch and inline fuse
  • 4-key RF remote
  • 24-key RF remote
  • Extension wire
  • Splitters


To find out more about this cheap Harley Davidson light kit, visit the HYBKLER store.


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