Best Places to Ride Four Wheelers in the US

Given the sheer girth of side-by-sides, it may be easy for ATVers to see why gas powered UTVs are better suited for wide open areas. But for those unfamiliar with why, here is the scoop. Utility terrain vehicles can be large enough to damage four wheeler trails, nearby vegetation, and wildlife. Side-by-side owners hoping to avoid these unwanted effects may be able to do so by riding in UTV-friendly areas, such as those listed below.


The Ridge Outdoor Resort


As the name implies, The Ridge Outdoor Resort is a stretch of land that is packed with a plethora of exciting activities. For example, the ATV-friendly area offers roughly 35 miles of one-way, side-by-side trails that flow through the following terrains.


  • Open fields
  • Dense, compact vegetation
  • Designated fire lanes
  • Hilly paths that vary in elevation levels
  • Flow along creeks
  • Barren patches near large boulders
  • Practice tracks for motocross racing
  • Mud bogs


As an added bonus, members of The Ridge Outdoor Resort appear to be capable of assisting all terrain vehicle owners with the task of freeing their four wheeler from local mud bogs. For more information about this outdoor resort in Birmingham, Alabama, click here.


ATV Paiute Trail


Arguably one of the best side-by-side trails in the United States of America is located in South-Central Utah. Here, the 275 mile loop known as the ATV Paiute Trail beckons UTVers to brave the outdoors and ride through following terrains.


  • Tushar Mountains
  • Forest area
  • Sunny meadows
  • Sand dunes
  • Canyon tops
  • Valleys


In addition, electric UTV owners may be able to see the following wildlife during the escapade.


  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Mountain goats
  • Bald and golden eagles


That said, the ATV Paiute Trail does flow through numerous towns so be sure to bring funds for souvenirs and other goodies.


Wrights AREA 252 Riding Park, LLC


Free to use ATV trails that are open year round and around the clock are somewhat rare. Taking this into consideration, it may come as a surprise that Wrights AREA 252 Riding Park, LLC in Arlington, Kentucky offers the aforementioned perks almost everyday.


And to keep the UTV business profitable, the company manages an onsite trading post that offers the following products to four wheeler owners.


  • Ice
  • Gas
  • Souvenirs
  • Supplies for electric all terrain vehicles and gas powered UTVs
  • Hot food


Other noteworthy features include 12 miles of forested trails and dry sandbar when the Carlisle County River is no higher than 22 feet. To find out more information about this hidden gem visit the Wrights AREA 252 Riding Park, LLC website here.


Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area


Four wheeler enthusiasts that are also big fans of sand dunes may want to check out the Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area in Farmington, New Mexico. As the name implies, this sandy, 800 acre destination features dunes and other dry areas. UTVers can utilize these desert like traits to practice motocross racing, as well as create fun obstacle courses around nearby vegetation.


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