Best Practices For Riding eBikes With Kids Onboard

Electric bicycles are cheap, eco-friendly ways to travel in style. Thanks to these traits, a growing number of cyclists are integrating ebikes into their daily commute. A noteworthy byproduct of this green transition is an increase in child passengers. 


To elaborate, cyclists are bringing their kids along for the ride with the aid of e bike attachments. Given this trend, we wanted to cover some of the best practices cyclists are using to keep kids safe while commuting via e bike.


Wear Helmets


Regardless of whether a person is riding a cheap, used ebike or a traditional bicycle, the cyclist in question is typically safer when wearing a helmet. This phenomenon is aptly showcased when DOT approved headgear dampens the force of an impact during an accident. Therefore, those on an electric bicycle while it is in motion may want to wear headgear.


Pre-Ride E Bike Check


Riding over a nail or getting a stick stuck in an e bike frame happens all too often. Due to this, cyclists are encouraged to check their electric bike for debris, low tire pressure, and the following before every ride.


  • Confirm both brakes work
  • See if the chain is loose or dirty and adjust accordingly
  • Make sure the child bike seat or kids bike trailer is secure
  • Review the e bike battery level


In addition, consider bringing an emergency kit along. Ideal items to put in this safety bag or backpack include a repair kit, snacks, sunscreen, water, and extra weather appropriate clothes, such as gloves.


Dress For The Ride


Before heading out, take a peek at the weather report. Use this information to ensure everyone is dressed in attire befitting the outdoor conditions. Beneficial garments worth looking into include those that are breathable, waterproof, and bright.


Once everyone is loaded up onto the electric bicycle, confirm nothing is in reach of the e bike gears. Common culprits to be on the look out for include loose shoelaces, hair, dresses, skirts, and long pant legs. 


Use Bike Lanes


Many cities and towns now have bike lanes. Since these areas are often safer than the road, parents are encouraged to plan their daily commute around these designated locations. For cyclists unable to utilize the aforementioned tip effectively, consider designing a strategic route through low traffic areas where possible.


Road Rules


Remember all the bike related rules motorists are required to learn in order to get a driver’s license? If not, feel free to visit the NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, website for an in-depth review


That said, here are a few noteworthy highlights.


  • Always go in the same direction as other vehicles on the road
  • Obey traffic signs
  • Alert pedestrians of your arrival via a bell or vocal communication
  • Use hand signals to denote turns


Also consider sharing these road rules with the little ones onboard.


Build Up Stamina


Trying to ride a bicycle when the battery dies can be a real pain. Doing so with children onboard is a downright nightmare. Knowing this, parents are encouraged to build up stamina by taking a few short trips around the neighborhood prior to commuting exclusively on electric bike.


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