Best Street Legal Golf Carts in 2021

Buying a street legal golf cart in 2021 takes a bit of finesse. In case you are not familiar with why, do a quick search for “cheap golf carts for sale near me”, and review how many results are returned. Odds are, the retrieved amount is upwards of a few million. 


Due to this bountiful amount, those in the market for street legal golf carts typically need a bit of skill and cleverness to identify which LSV is perfect for their unique situation. To streamline some of the aforementioned process, check out the best street legal golf carts in 2021 below.


Cushman Shuttle 4 Seater Golf Cart


Available in electric and gas powered models, the Shuttle 4 has a lot to offer golf cart fans. For example, the new Cushman has a cargo deck of 9 cubic feet and a payload capacity of 1,200 lbs. Thanks to these unique traits, golf cart fans can use the device to haul decent sized loads. Other noteworthy features are below.


  • Max speed of 13 mph
  • Gas powered golf cart model is equipped with a Kawaskai® engine
  • Shuttle 4 electric golf cart has anti-roll back technology and a direction switch built into the dashboard
  • Both models are able to produce over 13hp


For more information about the Shuttle 4, go here.


Bintelli Beyond 6 Seater Golf Cart


For those in need of seats rather than cargo space, check out the Beyond 6PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart from Bintelli. This roomy 6-seater golf cart comes fully loaded with everything LSV fans need to ride around in comfort and style.


  • LED lighting
  • 22” tires
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • On-board smart charger
  • Two USB ports
  • Rear flip seat
  • DOT approved 3-point seat belts
  • Rear/reverse camera


Speaking of stylishness, the Bintelli Beyond comes with two-tone premium seats that are designed to aptly complement the corresponding aluminum frame color. To see a few of the available design options for the Bintelli Beyond 6PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart, click this link.


Villager 2+2 Street Legal Golf Car


Club Car is going to be sold to Platinum Equity at the end of 2021. However, this acquisition does not mean golf car production is going to cease. Matter of fact, one of the more noteworthy LSVs from Club Car this year is the Villager 2+2. This electric, low-speed vehicle is designed for cruising around the neighborhood, or on local roadways, with four people inside.


Additional features are hereafter.


  • 5hp/3.6kW
  • Max speed is about 22 mph
  • Covers roughly 30 miles per charge on flat terrain
  • 48-volt DC battery
  • Front and rear suspension with leaf spring hydraulic shocks
  • Total capacity of 800lbs
  • Aluminum frame shade matches the seat colors


As an added bonus, the Villager 2+2 Street Legal Golf Car comes with a two limited warranties. Nevertheless, it is important to note the aforementioned selling points may not be honored after the acquisition is finalized in the 3rd quarter of 2021.


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