Best Ways to Enjoy LSVs Beyond the Golf Course

The distance traveled on foot when golfing on an 18-hole course is about five miles. Knowing this, golfing enthusiasts typically prefer to traverse golf resort grounds in low speed vehicles rather than exert energy on walking. LSV fans hoping to leverage this somewhat relaxing perk beyond the golf course may be able to do so by participating in the mini adventures down below.


Ride a Street Legal LSV Around Town


Low speed vehicles equipped with mandated, DOT-approved safety gear are typically considered to be street legal golf carts. When this update is made official with local representatives, the LSV in question can be legally used to run errands around town, or to conduct related tasks, such as joyriding along every road in nearby neighborhoods.


Explore Off-Road in a Golf Cart


Driving an LSV in a designated golf cart lane can be exciting. However, it is important to remember these pollution-ridden locations are not always a healthy way to travel. Taking this into consideration, street legal golf cart owners may prefer to drive their low speed vehicles across less polluted terrain, such as off-road areas. 


EZGO, Club Car, and luxury four seater golf cart fans hoping to achieve the aforementioned task may be able to do so by upgrading their powersports machine via the following steps.


  • Install a lift kit to prep the undercarriage of the LSV for uneven terrain
  • Replace a lead-acid battery with a lithium-ion unit to reduce cart weight and vicariously decrease fuel needs
  • Add on a winch to make it easier to extract the powersports machine from thick mud
  • Swap out stock tires and hubs for larger, stronger models that are capable of traversing a plethora of unruly terrain


Now that we know how to safely use electric golf carts and gas powered LSVs in off-road areas, let us take a look at some other viable ways to enjoy carts beyond the golf course.


Maintain Yard and Garden With an LSV


In general, low speed vehicles are designed to operate on golf courses. LSV owners can leverage this grass-friendly trait make yard and garden maintenance a bit easier. For example, cheap used golf carts equipped with a cargo bed can typically be used to haul fertilizer, tools, and other equipment across moderate distances in a short amount of time.


Participate in Used Golf Cart Parades


Low speed vehicle owners often implement golf cart parades to raise awareness of an issue, boost morale, and promote bonding. But despite these positive effects, parade turn-out can be low. Knowing this, community event planners typically host friendly competitions, such as golf cart decor and costume contests, at LSV parades.


Provide Shuttle Transportation


Community event organizers aiming to host a huge event may want to utilize a fleet of limo low speed vehicles. Festival planners that leverage this underrated transportation method usually report a decrease in parking expenses and stress, as well as an increase in funds spent at the event in question.


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