Best Ways to Keep Cool in an LSV

Running errands in a low speed vehicle is an eco-friendly way to reduce monthly fuel expenses. Nevertheless, the cost-effective mode of transportation is often overlooked. And although this phenomenon occurs for a variety of reasons, the most commonly cited issue is the fact that cheap golf carts usually lack shielding from weather elements, such as high temperatures.


Low speed vehicle owners that would love to overcome the aforementioned setback may be able to do so via the following best ways to keep cool in an LSV.


When Heat Becomes Deadly


Sweating lowers the physical temperature of a person by leveraging excess body heat to evaporate sweat. But despite how efficient this system is, perspiration has a literal limit. To elaborate, researchers have discovered sweating no longer works as intended in situations where the humidity level is 100% and the temperature is at or above 87°F. 


And when the aforementioned scenario occurs, the event is fatal for humans. Taking this into consideration, LSV fans are encouraged to remain indoors during extreme heat waves.


Drink Lots of Water


Drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated, induce perspiration, and lower body temperature. However, it is very hard to consume refreshing beverages if these liquids are not nearby. Golf cart fans aiming to remedy this situation may be able to do so by installing an LSV cooler, as well as a low speed vehicle cup holder, and stocking both with frozen, non-plastic water bottles.


And to keep an adequate electrolyte level between each sip, consider storing snacks onboard.


Install a Cheap Golf Cart Enclosure


Cheap golf cart enclosures are designed to create a barrier between cabin occupants and the outdoor elements. LSV fans can use this nifty attribute to keep things cool by adding a golf cart enclosure to their powersports machine and pairing the elemental shield with a low speed vehicle air conditioner, such as the BreezEasy Cooling Blower from Bintelli.


Switch LSV Schedule


Outdoor temperatures typically decrease between dusk and dawn. LSV fans can use this natural phenomenon to their advantage by going on outings around dawn, after dusk, or before it gets too hot in the afternoon.


Wear Clothing Designed to Withstand Heat


Dressing modestly without overheating is challenging, but finding a happy medium between the two can be lifesaving in warm weather. Low speed vehicle owners hoping to achieve this delicate balancing act are encouraged to wear bright, moisture-wicking articles of clothing.


Install Chilly Cheeks


Safely applying well-shielded frozen water to some locations on the body is an efficient way to stay cool. Low speed vehicle enthusiasts that find this idea appealing may want to check out Chilly Cheeks. This cheap golf cart accessory manufacturer creates ice-pack cushions that come with the following perks.


  • Durable
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Keeps lower half cool
  • Two zippered pockets 
  • Removable, freezable gel packs stay cool to the touch


That said, the largest LSV product from Chilly Cheeks appears to be the Golf Car Seat Back


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