Best Ways to Use LSVs in a Business

From event planning companies to professional sports teams, low speed vehicles are utilized in a wide range of industries. But despite this vast catalog of niche uses, many company owners overlook opportunities to leverage street legal golf carts in their business model. To help rectify the situation, we highlight some of the best ways to use LSVs in professional settings hereafter.


Limo Golf Cart Shuttle Services


Luxury six seater golf carts and other limo LSVs are typically designed to transport multiple groups of people from one location to another in a swift manner. Business owners can utilize these long, high-quality powersports machines in almost any industry, and a few examples are highlighted below.


  • Lodging services where reception desk is far away from accommodations
  • Campgrounds located near tourists attractions
  • Standalone shuttle services at popular venues
  • University campus tours for students, parents, and faculty


That said, it is important to note most 6 seater carts are not wheelchair accessible. Taking this into consideration, company owners that are interested in leveraging shuttle services in their business model are encouraged to procure a high-quality e tram equipped with ADA gear, such as the Bintelli ADA Electric Shuttle 11P 11WC.


Chauffeur VIPs in Low Speed Vehicles


Speaking of transporting very important people, four seater golf carts are often utilized to chauffeur VIPs. And although this phenomenon occurs for a variety of reasons, the most frequently cited are listed below.


  • Some cheap used low speed vehicles are able to go off-road
  • Street legal golf carts usually fit into narrow spaces to access hard-to-reach areas
  • Club Cars, EZGos, and Bintellis typically require little to no maintenance


Needless to say, it is easy to see how entrepreneurs can aptly supplement their VIP-related business with a high-quality low speed vehicle.


Cheap Used LSVs Improve Security 


Let us face it. The larger a location is the harder it becomes to keep the area guarded. Business owners hoping to overcome this dilemma may be able to do so by equipping their security team with a fleet of golf carts. For those unfamiliar with why, here is the scoop. LSVs make it possible for guards to complete their patrol in a timely manner, as well as achieve the following tasks.


  • Prevent most criminals from hearing security guards approach
  • Record intimate details about intruders via non-cheap golf cart cameras
  • Decrease the odds of a theft due to an increase in guard patrol


And as an added bonus, low speed vehicles can be covetable enough to deter thieves from stealing priceless property. So, be sure to take advantage of this possibility when deciding where to store a fleet of used powersports machines.


Swift Emergency Response


Being in the middle of a packed outdoor event can be an exciting experience. Nevertheless, the isolated location can be fatal for injured event-goers if they are unable to attain medical attention in a timely manner. Business owners eager to address this issue may want to consider utilizing LSVs since these powersports machines are able to achieve the following.


  • Access hard-to-reach places faster than ambulances or other large vehicles
  • Ensure family members are able to stay with an injured person
  • Can also be used to swiftly respond to a dangerous, non-injury related emergency


Plus, extra safety measures, such as a fleet of first response LSVs, can induce a calming effect in participants, as well as staff, and vicariously increase interest in participating in an event.


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