Bintelli Voted Best Street Legal Golf Cart in 2022

Democracy works when everyone is able to make an informed voting decision. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to ensure all citizens are able to research, and elect, a candidate in a convenient, comfortable manner. But despite the fact that the aforementioned feat can be achieved via mail-in ballot, most people prefer to vote online.


For example, over a thousand low speed vehicle owners participated in the “Best Of” LSV survey that was created by Golf Cart Resource in 2022. Find out more about this company as well as the results of the questionnaire down below.


Golf Cart Resource


According to their website, Golf Cart Resource is a source that powersports machine fans use to discover interesting details about cheap used low speed vehicles. Add to this the fact that Golf Cart Resource is owned by a market insight company, and it is easy to see why the 2022 LSV survey is gaining attention in the powersports machine industry. Now that we know a bit more about the pollsters, let us take a look at the results of the low speed vehicle questionnaire. 


Best Street Legal Golf Cart in 2022


Being voted for something positive in the United States of America is challenging. Earning the number one spot in a super popular industry is downright impossible. Nevertheless, Bintelli was voted the Best Street Legal Golf Cart in the 2022 LSV survey from Golf Cart Resources.


Upon hearing the announcement, Justin Jackrel, President of Bintelli LLC, stated “Being rated as the BEST street legal golf cart in America is a humbling honor. It’s a testimony to all of the hard work from our Bintelli family… from our employees to our dealers and their hard-working staff. There simply is no better value in the street legal golf cart segment than the Bintelli Beyond and we’re excited that the industry has taken notice!” 


Jackrel went on to note “We have some really exciting projects in the works over the next six months and look forward to sharing them with the entire Bintelli family and the golf cart industry as a whole. Thank you for the recognition of all of our hard work.”


As for the other street legal golf cart manufacturers, they ranked in the following order.


  • Advanced EV
  • Star EV
  • Tomberlin
  • Evolution
  • Polaris GEM
  • Moke


Needless to say, earning first place in a competition that includes the luxury golf cart brands listed above is a significant milestone. For more information about the results of the 2022 LSV survey from Golf Cart Resource, click here.


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As we mentioned above, democracy works when people are able to make an informed voting decision in a convenient, comfortable manner. Low speed vehicle fans eager to experience this act firsthand, as well as have their voice heard in future powersports machine questionnaires, may want to be on the lookout for upcoming Golf Cart Resource surveys.


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