Can Golf Carts Be Used in Inclement Weather?

Club Cars, Ez GOs, and limo golf carts are often used on warm, sunny days. Due to this typical routine, many golf cart owners may be under the impression that low speed vehicles, or LSVs, can only be used during non-inclement weather. To find out whether or not this concept is worth abiding by, read on.


Can LSVs Be Used in the Rain?


Most golf carts are equipped with roofs, windshields, and even windshield wipers. However, these additions do not mean the LSV in question is capable of enduring rain, snow, or excessive winds. A common example of this is windshield wipers. 


Sure, these devices work in the rain and snow. However, they do not shield exposed batteries or battery compartments which can be damaged by rain or melted snow, even as the windshield wipers sway on. Therefore, take the time to analyze whether a EZ Go, Club Car, or luxury LSV can handle an inclement weather excursion prior to heading out.


Be Mindful of Rain Intensity and Puddles


A light drizzle, sprinkle, or mild rain is typically fine to drive in as long as extra precautions are taken beforehand. Ideal solutions include ensuring the battery compartment is sealed up tight and other internal machinery is covered. That said, even with these areas protected, water can still manage to damage an LSV via puddles. 


To elaborate, if a golf cart owner drives over a puddle at a fast pace, the resulting splash can work its way into the delicate innards of the LSV. Although this may not immediately kill the engine, water sensitive devices may not function properly once the liquid has time to dry. 


Or worse, the brake related equipment stops working due to dry rot or acid rain corrosion.


Wet Brakes Can Cause Hydroplaning 


Careful LSV owners may be able to avoid puddles, potholes, and heavy rain. Nevertheless, this active avoidance does not eliminate all safety related issues, such as hydroplaning. In case you are not familiar with the term, hydroplaning occurs when any of the following occur.


  • Tread is worn down on golf cart tires
  • Brakes become wet or moist
  • A sufficient level of water diminishes traction


To prevent this from happening, change out balding tires and avoid clear ice.


How to Know if a Golf Cart is Damaged


There are multiple ways inclement weather can damage a golf cart. To add insult to injury, LSV owners that aim to bypass these effects may not be to do so even if all precautions are taken. Due to this, it is important for golf cart enthusiasts to be on the lookout for the following signs that indicate an LSV is damaged.


  • Clicking noise instead of golf cart engine firing up
  • LSV does not perform as well as it did prior to riding in the rain, snow, or excessive wind
  • Speed fluctuation without a change in pedal press on a gas powered golf cart
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Unusual engine sounds
  • New vibrations while device is in operation
  • Takes longer to come to a complete stop


Taking this into consideration, LSV owners may want to reconsider driving on non-sunny days.


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