Can You Turn a Golf Cart Into a Snow Plow?

Shoveling snow is a great workout. However, if done incorrectly the seasonal task can be a source of numerous aches and pains. To circumvent the issue altogether, many golf cart owners resort to using low speed vehicles as snow plows. 


In this article, we cover how to achieve this task as well as the biggest hurdle golf cart owners face when transforming a golf cart into a snow plow.


Can LSVs Handle the Job?


When it comes to piling up large mounds of frozen water, two things are needed. Force, and traction. Fortunately for LSV owners, a modest 15 mph is more than enough to move loose, fluffy snow around. So, force is definitely covered. However, traction is a bit harder to come by. 


See, slick surfaces make it hard for EZ Go, Club Cars, and other luxury golf carts tires to grip into the ground long enough to avoid simply spinning out. Nevertheless, the aforementioned wheels can be equipped with snow chains or upgraded to better tires, if needed. Once this issue is addressed, LSV owners can utilize any of the following snow plows to handle the annual task.


DIY Golf Carts


The 54” universal snow plow from DIY Golf Carts is designed to fit the 2” receiver connected to the front of most LSVs. Despite this fact, the accessory manufacturer requires consumers to identify which golf cart model the snow plow kit is to be used on. Although this raises the price by different increments, no model selections boost the asking price over $1,500.


That said, the kit comes with the following.


  • Pin and electric connector quick attachment
  • Height and angle adjusting power lift
  • Dual headlights
  • Installation guide


Golf cart owners interested in owning the heavy-duty, poly blade are advised to order two weeks in advance to give shippers adequate time to deliver the hefty snow plow.


Nordic Plow


Yard duty extends beyond shoveling snow. Taking this into consideration, Nordic Plow developed a 49” blade that is capable of tackling most yard work throughout the year. To keep the multi-faceted snow plow lightweight, the rounded blade is comprised of PC/ABS composite. 


Since this material can snap under fierce pressure, Nordic Plow designed the device to alert operators when too much force is being applied. In most situations, the aforementioned spring reflex system minimizes the amount of damage inflicted during an excessive pressure event.


LSV owners interested in purchasing the $700 EZ Go snow plow for their golf cart should check out the Nordic Plow website here.


Golf Cart Trader VIP Snow Plow


Single, straight bladed snow plows often force snow to slip out and away from the edges. As a result, the duration of time it takes to complete the seasonal task is extended. After discovering the dilemma, the VIP Plow was born. 


In case you are not familiar, this type of snow plow is shaped like a V. By using this design, LSV owners can capture and pile up snow in a timely manner with a golf cart. 


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