Celebrate Earth Day With Electric Bicycles in 2022

Since as early as 1970, citizens of this planet have celebrated Earth Day. For those unfamiliar with the event, here is the scoop. The annual event promotes environmental protection on April 22nd, and those that take part in the global celebration typically do so by participating in an eco-friendly activity, such as riding an eBike.


To capitalize on the global celebration this year, Bosch eBike Systems and BCycle are offering free e bike rides. Find out when, where, and why down below.


Cheap Electric Bike Rentals


As we mentioned above, Bosch eBike Systems and BCycle are celebrating Earth Day by giving away free electric bike rentals. This generous giveaway is set to take place from April 22nd – 24th at BCycle rental stations in the following cities.


  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Santa Barbara, and Encinitas, California
  • Broward, Florida
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Greenville, South Carolina


By participating in Earth Day via a weekend long giveaway, Bosch eBike Systems and BCycle hope to achieve several goals, and a few of them are highlighted below.


  • Raise general awareness of electric bikes
  • Encourage budding cyclists to try out the powersports machine
  • Showcase the fact that electric bicycles can be fun to use
  • Generate a positive public view of cycling
  • Promote discussion about the importance of Earth Day
  • Reduce the carbon output of the United States of America


According to Claudia Wasko, Vice President of Bosch eBike Systems Americas, “Earth Day is an important reminder of how we must be more mindful of our impact on the environment. Mobility accounts for more than one fifth of all CO2 emissions worldwide, and riding an eBike is an amazing way to help lower this amount”. Wasko went on to say “We’re thrilled to partner with BCycle to offer free rides in celebration of Earth Day”.


How to Participate in Free eBike Rentals


Needless to say, the Bosch eBike Systems and BCycle e bike rental giveaway is pretty exciting. Electric bicycle fans and budding cyclists that plan on participating in the Earth Day celebration may anticipate receiving an unlimited amount of 60 minute trips.


Other noteworthy details are outlined hereafter.


  • Electric bicycles rentals can be procured at any time during Earth Day weekend this year
  • Free ride passes can be procured via the BCycle app or at nearby kiosks in the eight participating areas
  • Registering on the BCycle app is free, however, participants must specifically select the “Bosch Earth Day Pass” to redeem the gift
  • Registration does appear to require a payment method to be on file
  • Cyclists that opt to utilize the BCycle rental beyond the 60 minute threshold are to be charged normal usage fees


For more information about the Earth Day giveaway, click here.


Cheap Used Electric Bicycles


Investing in public opinion of electric bicycles is a great way to honor the theme of Earth Day 2022, which is to “Invest In Our Planet”. Citizens of the United States that would also like to participate in the novel theme are encouraged to take advantage of the e bike giveaway, as well as consider utilizing a cheap used electric bike beyond Earth Day weekend.


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