Cheap Electric Motorcycle is Less Than $6,000

Ask any Harley Davidson fan how much an e motorcycle is and they are likely going to say over $20,000. In case you are not familiar with why, the aforementioned price reflects how much the new Harley Davidson Livewire is. But, now that we know the MSRP of a name brand electric motorcycle, let’s take a look at the shockingly cheap electric sports bike from Kollter.


Kollter ES1 Series


As of date, little is known about Kollter. Nevertheless, the motorcycle manufacturer has made a quiet entry into the US market. To achieve this feat, Kollter sold their electric sports bikes to motorcycle dealerships rather than directly to consumers.


Another noteworthy detail about the nationwide distribution is the asking price of the e sports bikes. To elaborate, the base models of Kollter electric motorcycles appear to be sold for less than $6,000, which is rather surprising given the discrete circulation. 


Beyond these unusual details, everything else seems to be legit if consumer reports are to be believed. That said, here are the current models advertised on the Kollter website.


  • ES1-X PRO off road
  • ES1-S PRO street
  • ES1 Banshee II


Each of the e sports bikes listed above offers consumers a different way to enjoy their powersports machine. However, the ES1 PRO models are super similar so they are offered at the same price. As for the ES1 Banshee II, this souped up powersports machine is in a league of its own, which is why the MSRP of the e motorcycle is $7,490.


Kollter ES1 PRO Series


As we mentioned above, the PRO e motorcycles from Kollter are very similar. To expand on this observation, all ES1 PRO models start out with the following features and traits.


  • Removable 2.3 kWh battery
  • Houses two batteries
  • Maintenance free


See, after the base portion is created, each ES1 PRO receives additional components that aptly suit either off-roading or street riding. In regards to performance, when a secondary battery is installed in either PRO e motorcycle the powersports device is able to achieve the following.


  • Accelerate to 55 mph in 5.5 seconds
  • Max speed of 80 mph
  • Max range is 62 miles in the city or 37 miles when going full speed, non-stop


Motorcycle fans hoping to ride an ES1 PRO electric motorcycle with the stats listed above can anticipate paying an additional $990 at purchase. On the other hand, those that decide not to get an extra battery when buying the PRO street may revel in the traits below.


  • DOT-compliant
  • Top speed of 60 mph
  • Recharges in about 4-hours


It is also important to note the e motorcycles from Kollter do not have an onboard charger. Due to this, motorcycle fans are required to keep a sports bike charger on them. And since the size of the charger is rather large, e sports bike fans may need to store the equipment in a backpack.


For more information about the electric motorcycles from Kollter, go here


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