Differences Between the New Super73® Models

Super73®, an adventure lifestyle brand, has leveraged their unique style to venture into the e Bike industry. As a result, the ebikes created by Super73® have become somewhat popular over the last year, which is no small feat. Taking this into consideration, cyclists may be wondering how the new ebikes differ from other electric bicycles. 


In this article, we explore the aforementioned topic and discuss the various model variations.


Super73® The Electric Motorbike


The new e bicycles from Super73® look less like an ebike and more like a dirt or sports bike. To elaborate, all device models come with two 20” fat tires, throttle, bench seat connected to the frame, and an empty middle. That said, there is one other trait all Super73® ebike models have. 


Recharge time. In general, all the street legal ebikes from Super73® are able to fully recharge in about 6-hours. That said, there are plenty of differences between the new e bike models.


Super73® Z-Series


At the price point of $1,400, the SUPER73-Z1 is the cheapest e bike on our list. For the aforementioned fee, cyclists can buy an electric bicycle with the features and specifications listed hereafter.


  • 418 watt battery
  • 500 watt motor
  • Average range of 25 miles per charge
  • 64 lbs steel frame
  • Single speed
  • 240 lbs weight limit


Although the aforementioned traits are decent, they are somewhat lacking when it comes to the daily commute. Due to this, it may be worth paying more to procure the cheap e bike found in the Super73® S-Series.


Super73® S-Series


As we mentioned above, there is a somewhat cheap electric bike in the S-Series. Dubbed the SUPER73-S1, the $2,000 electric bike comes with most of the accessories and features cyclists consider to be “must-haves”. Traits mentioned hereafter.


  • 768 watt battery
  • 500 watt motor
  • Average range of 30 miles per charge
  • Pedal assist
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Light kit
  • Single speed
  • 70 lb steel frame
  • 275 lbs weight limit
  • Fenders


Bear in mind, this is only the base model of the S-Series. The more expensive S-Series e bike features a plethora of additional perks, such as an extended range per charge, extra ride modes, and an adjustable suspension fork.




Ebike fans interested in procuring a luxury e mountain bike for less than $3,500 may want to check out the SUPER73-RX. For the aforementioned price, cyclists can treat themselves to a high-quality e bicycle packed with the following features.


  • 960 watt battery
  • 1,200 watt brushless DC hub motor
  • Average range of 60 miles per charge
  • Smart display
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Four ride modes
  • 4 pedal assist options
  • Four piston hydraulic brakes
  • Light kit with 600 lumen LED headlight
  • 80 lb aluminum frame
  • Comfortable, extended seat for an extra rider
  • Weight limit of 325 lbs
  • Fenders
  • Inverted coil spring suspension in the front
  • Adjustable piggyback coilover mono shock in the back


Add in the fact this electric bike can achieve a top speed of 28 mph and it is easy to see why cyclists are excited about the new device. For more information about this or other Super73 models, go here.


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