Do Street Legal Golf Carts Need to be Inspected?

To drive an LSV on the road the device in question needs to be a street legal golf cart. If you are not familiar with the aforementioned rule, fret not. The term “street legal golf cart” refers to state and local legislation. As a result, LSVs that are considered to be safe to drive on the road in one town are not okay to drive in another. In this article, we review what an EZ go, Club Car, or golf cart typically needs to be considered street legal.


What is a Street Legal Golf Cart?


In general, cheap golf cars are not street legal. This phenomenon occurs when golf cart manufacturers omit safety related gear in an effort to keep prices low. Nevertheless, golf cart owners can add the following to their LSV to make it street legal.


  • Headlights
  • Brake and Tail lights
  • Turn signals
  • Windshield
  • Windshield wiper
  • Reflectors
  • Side and rear view mirrors
  • Seat belts
  • VIN number


As an added bonus, the items listed above are often inexpensive and easy to add on after purchase. Yet despite this ease, not all LSV owners install the safety gear prior to driving their cheap golf car around the neighborhood. 


Although this decision may not seem like a big deal, the choice has led to an increase in golf cart related accidents. In response to the increase, mandatory street legal golf cart inspections have been implemented in some areas.


Do Street Legal Golf Carts Need to be Inspected?


As we mentioned above, most areas consider an LSV to be a street legal golf cart if it has safety related gear installed. However, not all areas follow this rule of thumb. For example, legislators in Florida have opted to implement LSV inspections to determine if a luxury, limo, or lifted golf cart is street legal.


During these in-person evaluations, inspectors check the operational status of a golf cart and confirm all safety gear is equipped as well as working. As you can imagine, the process takes a long time to do, and LSV operators often end up waiting months for an inspection before legally being able to drive their own golf cart. To address the issue, legislators in Monroe County, Florida have started implementing virtual inspections to speed up the street legal golf cart inspection process. 


According to Sam Steele, Monroe County Tax Collector, “The residents will have the convenience of doing this from home and the State will not have to spend taxpayer dollars on travel costs. It is a win-win for all involved.” 


Steele also outlined the inspection process by stating “Once the customer mails the documents and the $40.00 inspection fee, the Department will review the paperwork and assign an FLA decal, which is their new vehicle identification number. They will affix the decal on the LSV and then have our office perform a final review before issuing a title and registration”


Clearly, Monroe County and the state of Florida are adamant about determining if an LSV is a street legal golf cart. Although this passion is not currently shared in every state, if the process reduces golf car related accidents, other areas may opt to implement similar legislation in the future.


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