Easy Guide to Golf Cart Maintenance

A new array of activities, conversations, and travel destinations await anyone that buys a new or used golf cart. Unfortunately, the excitement of all these potential endeavours can blind golf cart owners to everything else. One day a low speed vehicle is purchased after searching online for “craigslist golf cart for sale”. The next, it is breaking down. 


To prevent this unwanted scenario from occurring, owners of club cars, ezgos, and other fancy golf carts are encouraged to keep up with LSV maintenance. Since this can be a challenging task for newcomers, we created the following guide.


Adequate Care Extends Utility Vehicle


Regardless of whether you own a lifted golf cart, EZ GO, or Club Car routine maintenance can extend the quality and longevity of the LSV. Although many of these tasks are similar in nature, when to conduct them varies from brand to brand and model to model. 


Taking this into consideration, double check the owner’s manual associated with a golf cart after purchase to get familiar with what is required. Now that we have addressed this, let us discuss the most common maintenance related tasks gas powered golf carts require.


  • Only use gas approved by the golf cart manufacturer
  • Keep gas cap on as tight as possible
  • Clear debris from around gas refill area
  • Check oil levels at least once a month
  • Ensure the air intake valve is clean and functioning properly


Around the 100-hour usage mark, or roughly after a year of use, a thorough maintenance check is required for gas powered golf carts. During this time, LSV owners should have everything checked from brakes to spark plugs and everything in between. 


As you can probably tell, many of the aforementioned tasks are similar to owning an automobile with a combustible engine. Due to this, owning a gas powered golf cart may be easier to keep up with for some golf fanatics. However, there is a way to operate an LSV without all of the maintenance related hassle, by simply buying electric.


To elaborate, here are the exclusive tasks a non-gas powered golf cart needs.


  • Recharge batteries after use, avoid letting the device go completely dead
  • Check electrolyte levels before use and top off with distilled water if necessary
  • Make sure the battery fittings are in place.


That said, it is important to note the aforementioned list does not include routine maintenance shared by both electric and gas powered golf carts.


Tasks For Both Gas and Electric Powered LSVs


All low speed vehicles have a shared list of tasks that need to be done on an ongoing basis. By keeping up with the issues below, golf cart owners can conduct mini repairs before they become big, expensive problems.


  • Wiring integrity
  • Clean battery terminals as well as add protectant to it
  • Look for fluid leaks, such as around the brakes
  • Make sure lights are functioning before take off
  • Check tire pressure
  • Confirm seat belts are not frayed
  • Keep pedal area debris-free
  • Before use, hose down motorized vehicle


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