Golf Cart Dimensions Guide

Storing an LSV can be cumbersome. In case you are not familiar with why, picture trying to find storage space for a large machine without knowing the dimensions of said device. Sounds complicated, right? To alleviate some of this stress, we composed the following guide. 


In it, readers can deduce the approximate size of the golf cart they found online after searching for “LSVs for sale near me”. Armed with this information, low speed vehicle fans may be able to determine just how much room is needed to store an EZ Go, Club Car, lifted or luxury golf cart.


General Size of a Golf Cart


In general, the average 4 seater golf cart is about 5.5 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 4 feet wide. For LSVs with six seats, the aforementioned length extends to roughly 11.5 feet, whereas the other approximations remain the same. Exceptions to this generalized rule can be found in lifted LSVs. Here, the average height goes from roughly 5.5 feet to almost 6.7 feet tall.


Taking this into consideration, LSV owners hoping to get a storage unit for a regular or lifted four seater golf cart may want to procure a space that is at least 5×10. However, if the golf car in question is a six seater golf cart or a limo LSV, owners are encouraged to reserve a storage unit that is at least 5×15.


Brand Specific LSV Sizes


LSVs come in all shapes and sizes. With, or without modifications. Since these unique characteristics are fairly common, golf cart fans may want to get better acquainted with the average width, height, and length of brand name LSV. 


For our baseline, let’s take a look at a few Club Car dimensions.


  • Villager 2 Electric LSV: 7.7 feet long, 3.9 feet wide, 5.7 feet tall
  • Electric XRT 800: 8.4 feet long, 3.7 feet wide, 3.9 feet tall
  • Precedent Stretch PTV: 12 feet long, 3.9 feet wide, 5.6 feet tall


As you can see, the Precedent Stretch PTV Club Car is longer than the others despite the fact that it is a four seater golf car. For those unacquainted with this particular LSV, the extra length is due to the back seats being in the same position as those on a limo golf cart. That said, other than the aforementioned edge case, the general estimate provided in the last section holds true.


Here are a few more brand specific examples.


  • Personal Drive 2 Concierge 4 from Yamaha: 10.6 feet long, 3.9 feet wide, 6.3 tall
  • Yamaha Drive 2: 7.8 feet long, 3.94 wide, 5.8 feet tall
  • UMAX Range from Yamaha: 9.3 feet long, 4.1 feet wide, 4 feet tall
  • E-Z-Go Golf Freedom TXT gas powered golf cart: 7.8 feet long, 3.9 feet wide, 4 feet tall
  • E-Z-GO Express S4 gas powered golf cart: 9.8 feet long, 4 feet wide, 4 feet tall
  • E-Z -Go Valor Gas: 7.8 feet long, 3.9 feet wide, 4 feet tall


Since storing an LSV on a long-term basis is part of the maintenance process, be sure to confirm the dimensions of a golf cart are manageable prior to purchase.


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