Golf Cart Path Feud in Georgia Extended

Street legal golf carts make it possible for LSV owners to traverse low-speed roads in a cost-effective, and often legal, manner. Nevertheless, driving on pollution-riddled avenues packed with automobiles can be problematic for a variety of reasons. To address these warranted concerns, as well as reap the benefits associated with having mobile citizens, cities typically create golf cart paths. 


But despite the positives associated with generating off-road pathways, one cut-through started a feud between two cities in Georgia. Find out why down below.


Golf Cart Path Next to Crabapple Lane


Constructed in 1995, Crabapple Lane is zoned in Peachtree City, and maintained via the taxes issued by citizens residing in the area. Next to this paved street is a gravel trail that flows through the Kedron Hills neighborhood. 


When the aforementioned path was created no effort was made to prevent automobiles from using the cut-through. As a result, numerous speed-related safety issues erupted, prompting neighbors living in Kedron Hills to report the dangerous effects to the Peachtree City Council. 


Upon hearing the news, local representatives erected orange barricades and half-walls that restricted access to large vehicles but left just enough room for small used golf carts to enter. And these solutions appear to have worked!


Nevertheless, back in November 2021 the Peachtree City Council decided to permanently close the gap to all motorized vehicles by June 1, 2022. 


Paths for Cheap Used Golf Carts


Peachtree City is well-known for their low speed vehicle paths. Matter of fact, these delightful thruways have become a super popular tourist attraction. Taking this into consideration, the act of closing an LSV pathway seems counter-intuitive for the city. So what gives?


According to Jon Rorie, Peachtree City Manager, the decision to close the golf cart trail is due to future problems that may require extra maintenance and funds. But considering there is a $235 golf car path usage fee and a $15 LSV license mandate already in place, closing the easily accessible low speed vehicle trail seems to just cut off much needed funds. 


Not to mention do a disservice to Tyrone City citizens that have paid the aforementioned fees.


Street Legal Golf Carts in Tyrone City


The golf cart path that flows along Crabapple Lane connects Peachtree and Tyrone City. Thanks to this automobile-free LSV trail, citizens are able to access vital resources, such as the grocery store. When presented with this information at a meeting held on May 17th, Peachtree City Council opted to extend the original June deadline to December 2022.


According to Eric Dial, Mayor of Tyrone, “We appreciate the willingness of Peachtree City Council to hear our concerns and work with us on a solution that can benefit all parties. Because of the variable characteristics of the development of multi-use paths and the associated costs, we are presented with challenges, but we will do the best we can to get a path constructed in a reasonable time frame.”


To find out more about this ongoing situation, click here.


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