Heaviest Golf Carts in 2022

When shopping online for “cheap used LSVs near me”, most golf cart fans aim to find an inexpensive, fuel-efficient low speed vehicle. For those unfamiliar with why, here is the scoop. Powersports machines are often considered to be worth investing in when the motorized device in question has a small asking price and miniscule maintenance fees.


Or to put it another way, buying the right cheap used street legal golf cart can make it possible to “earn money” via the elimination of hefty fuel fees. Knowing this, low speed vehicle fans often write off heavy golf carts since these cheap low speed vehicles come with huge fuel expenses. 


In this article, we review some of these LSVs and explore whether they are a sound investment.


How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?


Finding the perfect fuel-efficient powersports machine can be tough. However, knowing the lingo associated with golf carts can make the process a bit easier. Taking this into consideration, let us review the most frequently mixed up attributes. Dry and curb weight.


In general, dry weight refers to the collective poundage of some LSV components. Key items include the frame, roof, motor, and tire system. Curb weight, on the other hand, typically reflects how much a fully-loaded golf car comes with, such as the battery.


Needless to say, curb weight highlights how heavy a low speed vehicle is before the heft of a driver, cargo, or passenger is added on. Therefore, this is debatably the best metric to use when determining the average weight of low speed vehicles. 


And to keep things fair, let us use seat amount to categorize LSV poundage.


  • Two seater golf cart – 780 lbs
  • Four seater low speed vehicle –  915 lbs
  • Six seater LSV – 1,080 lbs


Now that we have established the average weight of golf carts using the seat count as a factor, let us use the metrics to highlight a few LSV outliers that exceed these parameters.


Carryall 500 Turf


The first hefty low speed vehicle on our list is the Carryall 500 Turf from Club Car. This two seater golf car model is available in a gas or electric version, and each type weighs more than the average two seater LSV.


  • Gas powered Club Car model – 907 lbs
  • Electric Carryall 500 Turf – 1,393 lbs


Club Car fans wondering why this specific model weighs so much may be delighted to know the luxury powersports machine gets the extra girth from an 44.2”x47.5”x10.5” cargo bed. 


And since this feature can be used to haul cargo, Club Car fans may be able to turn the LSV into a high-yield investment by starting a cargo hauling business. So, be sure to take this into consideration prior to writing off this golf car model as a bad investment.


Express S4


Another heavy low speed vehicle that is available in either a gas or electric model is the Express S4. Unlike the Club Cars above, the electric version of this non-cheap EZGo weighs less than the gas powered model.


  • ELiTE Lithium – 965 lbs
  • Gas – 1,101 lbs


As for recouping fuel fees related to excessive weight, LSV fans may be able to leverage the top speed of the EZGo Express S4 in a chauffeuring business.


T-Sport® Limo


The final low speed vehicle on our list is the Limo from T-Sport®. This electric 6 seater six seater golf cart has a curb weight of 1,380 lbs. To determine if the aforementioned poundage can be offset in a novel freelancing business, click here.


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