How B.A.C.A. is Changing the Future

Founded in 1995, B.A.C.A. helps children thrive. In case you are not familiar with how, B.A.C.A., also known as Bikers Against Child Abuse, is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting little ones and helping them heal. In this article, we cover how this motorcycling group achieves the aforementioned goals, as well as how motorcyclists can join.


How B.A.C.A. Got Started


As we mentioned above, B.A.C.A. was established almost three decades ago. The founder, John Paul “Chief” Lilly, started the group after finding out an abused eight year old was afraid to leave their house. To dispel the fear, Lilly invited the child to join the biker group, and ride around town on motorcycles, such as the following.


  • Harley Davidson
  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Honda


Through these interactions, the disposition of the child improved. As a result, the biker program was considered to be a success. When word of this noble achievement spread, B.A.C.A. groups started cropping up across the nation. 


Other Steps B.A.C.A. Takes


Being part of a group that is viewed as intimidating gives children the strength to face down predators in court. According to Shots, a St. George Chapter Member, “We help them gain the courage and self-esteem so they can go to court and tell their story and maybe more importantly to let the child know it wasn’t their fault”.


That said, the aid and protection provided by B.A.C.A. does not stop, nor start, with the courtroom. When B.A.C.A. receives a referral, an initial investigation is conducted to confirm whether the case is reported to the police. If it is not, instructions are provided on how to do so.


If the case is already recorded, the child in question is assigned two B.A.C.A. members from the nearest chapter. From there, the little one may call upon B.A.C.A. at anytime, even if it is to just ride around the neighborhood on a sports bike, Harley Davidson, or other motorcycle.


How to Join B.A.C.A.


Motorcyclists interested in joining B.A.C.A. must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, potential applicants must have a registered, working motorcycle, insurance, and a related license. If the aforementioned criteria is met, the motorcyclists may complete the following.


  • Submit to a federal fingerprint background check
  • Ride with a B.A.C.A. chapter for at least a year
  • Attend monthly B.A.C.A. events and annual training


Once sufficient experience is achieved, B.A.C.A. candidates are evaluated by the nearest Board of Directors. If they all vote to permit an applicant to join, the candidate is welcomed aboard.


Needless to say, B.A.C.A. is changing the future in a positive way. To find out more about this awesome motorcycle group, visit the Bikers Against Child Abuse website here.


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