How Golf Courses Are Handling the Coronavirus Pandemic

Without a doubt, golf carts were originally intended to be driven on a golf course. Although this tradition is not carried out at all locations, one thing every golf course has in common is the Coronavirus. Or, more specifically, the shutting down of said establishments to protect employees and patrons alike.

That said, now that golf courses are reopening for business things are not going to be the same as they were before the shut down. To get a better idea of what is in store, we have comprised the following guide. 

Bear in mind, these are general guidelines your local golf course should be adhering to.


Restricted Hours of Service

To reduce traffic flow without inhibiting business, some companies are refusing walk-ons and shortening their hours of operation. Although this varies from location to location, typical availability is about 10-hours a day. 

This reduction is being implemented to ensure employees have enough time to properly sanitize all surfaces each day. Other changes are listed below.

  • On-course bathrooms are closed at many locations due to ongoing sanitation issues
  • No tournament or league play is allowed as of date
  • Visitors are required to pay by credit card preferably before visiting the course

Those that opt to call in their tee time payment are advised to confirm the person on the other end of the line legitimately works for the golf course.


Golf Carts

Unfortunately, there are major restrictions on golf carts. Since these rules will remain in effect indefinitely we wanted to cover the most common being used.

  • Return rented golf cart by a specific time 
  • Only one rider per cool golf cart
  • Lifted golf carts are only accessible on a first come, first serve basis
  • Rented golf carts, such as Ezgo and Club Cars, are to be sanitized after every use 

To further elaborate on the golf cart sanitation rule, if a golf course employee has yet to clean an LSV, you may have to wait for it to be sanitized. To reduce this potential wait time, you are allowed and encouraged to bring your own cleaning supplies.

Bear in mind, some locations are not allowing golf carts at all, let alone rentals. So, be sure to call ahead and confirm if golf cart are permitted at your local golf course.


On the Field

Once golfers are out on the field, there are additional rules golfers are to abide by. Here is a brief list of the mandates we have come across most often.

  • Provide a list of names in your group
  • May be assigned a tee party if time frames are limited
  • Unable to touch pins or flagstick
  • Styrofoam may be in holes to prevent ball from going in
  • Discouraged from sharing golf equipment with others

Furthermore, all golfers are required to maintain social distancing. Although this can be annoying it is important to remember the CDC guidelines are being enforced to keep you safe, and healthy. That said, those that do not adhere to the new golf course regulations can have their playing privileges suspended.

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