How Many Golf Course Jobs Exist?

Transforming a hobby into an occupation is not unusual. However, when it comes to occupations that golf cart enthusiasts would enjoy, the available opportunities related to the pastime may not be clear. To alleviate any confusion, we created the following guide. In it, we cover the types of positions LSV enthusiasts can fulfill at almost any golf course.


Professional Golfers


It goes without saying, amateur golfers can go pro. However, what is typically not discussed is how long it takes to go from learning about the game to joining the pro league. According to ProTourGolfCollege, it takes about 10,000 hours to develop pro level golf skills. Golf cart enthusiasts hoping to complete those hours as quickly as possible need to train roughly 20 hours a week for 10 years.


Since this is clearly going to take a while, let’s take a look at the other available positions.


Part-time Positions


Golf cart enthusiasts hoping to take on a full-time position at a golf course may be a bit disappointed by the selection. To elaborate, many of full-time occupations require a college degree or relative experience. Nevertheless, everyone has to start somewhere. So, LSV enthusiasts hoping to get a “foot in the door” at a golf course should consider taking on any of the following positions.


  • Maintenance: keep course cleaned, trimmed, and hydrated
  • Bag room: clean storage area, transfer golf gear and bags out of customer vehicles
  • Golf cart staff: move LSVs around, keep Club Cars, EzGos, and lifted golf carts charged as well as cleaned
  • Valet: tipped position that requires customer vehicles to be parked
  • Caddie: transfer golf bags for golfers and handle clubs
  • Wait staff: work mainly indoors to deliver food and drinks for hourly wage as well as tips
  • Shop staff: hourly sales position immersed in golf related attire and gear
  • Bartender: mix up cocktails for those at the bar for an hourly wage plus tips
  • Chiefs: cooks excellent food
  • Drink cart: delivers drinks and food to those out on the course for hourly wage as well as tips
  • Security: typically well-paid position often found at private golf courses


Once any of the aforementioned positions are secured, golf cart fans may be able to work towards a full-time position via dedication and additional education.


Full-time Positions


As we mentioned above, fulfilling a full-time role at a golf course requires previous experience and a college degree in most cases. That said, those able to achieve both aforementioned tasks may be able to transform a passion for LSVs into an occupation at a golf course, such as those listed below.


  • Manager: all part-time positions are grouped into departments which are oversaw by a lead or supervisor
  • Superintendent: unlike the manager position, this occupation is responsible for staffing and golf course design
  • Accounting: office staff responsible for keeping track of incoming and outgoing transactions as well as tax related responsibilities
  • Marketing: develops and launches marketing schemes to attract organic customers, as well as keep current patrons excited about golf


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