How Much Are Golf Cart Batteries?

Golf cart batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and types. As a result, LSV fans may be wondering how much golf cart batteries cost on average. In this article, we take a look at a few examples to shed some light on the approximate price range.


Things to Consider


As we mentioned above, there is a wide range of golf cart batteries available. Due to this much needed variety, it can be hard to pin down how much a replacement golf cart battery is going to be, even if LSV owners buy the exact same model as before. That said, here are a few traits golf cart enthusiasts should determine prior to narrow down the price range.


  • Is the voltage 6, 8, or 12?
  • What are the amperage level requirements?
  • Does the golf cart utilize any of the following types of lead acid batteries?
    • Flooded Lead Acid
    • Gel Lead Acid
    • AGM


To elaborate on the last point, lead acid battery are associated with quite a few pros and cons. For example, a flooded lead acid battery requires maintenance and can freeze due to the use of water inside the compartment. Therefore, it is imperative that golf cart owners do a bit of research prior to committing to a purchase.


Trojan T-105 Batteries


Founded in 1925, the Trojan Battery Company is known for manufacturing dependable golf cart batteries, such as the T-105. Although this $265 battery is a bit pricey, it offers the following.


  • 750 charges
  • 6-volts
  • Tiny amp-per-hour usage rate


As an added bonus, the flooded lead acid Trojan battery comes with a 2-year warranty, and higher voltages are available in other models.


Amstron GC2 6V AGM 


For about $20 less, LSV owners can procure a Amstron GC2 6V AGM. As the name implies, this is an AGM battery. In case you are not familiar with that term, it means the energy capsule is essentially an upgraded Gel Lead Acid battery complete with a fiberglass separator. 


The aforementioned division was added to as a way to make the battery more durable in the long-run. Thanks to this ingenuity, AGM batteries are an ideal replacement for LSVs that are to be operated on rough or uneven terrain. Other noteworthy specifications are below.


  • 750 cycles
  • No maintenance needed
  • Does not freeze
  • Recharges fast


Weize 12-Volt


One of the best things about the 12-Volt battery from Weize is the fact that there is no maintenance required to keep the energy capsule in tip top shape. Other noteworthy traits include the battery is compatible with most golf carts, and has the following features.


  • 100 AH
  • 1-year warranty
  • Super efficient DC power storage
  • Can hold a charge for a very long time
  • Able to recover from being dormant and almost completely empty
  • Typically a much longer lifespan than other models


Therefore, if you are in the market for a long-lasting, high-quality 12-Volt battery, consider paying $170 to procure this 60 lbs energy capsule.


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