How to Find Electric Golf Carts For Sale

Technology is constantly evolving. As a result, humans are able to achieve astonishing feats that were once thought impossible. One such accomplishment is being able to find electric golf carts for sale online. This borderline amazing task makes it possible for everyone to shop for club cars, ezgos, and “golf carts near me” from the comfort of the home.

That said, there is a drawback to having such capabilities.

With all of the available information out there, it is rather difficult to wade through all the non-relevant data to actually find shippable street legal golf carts that are inexpensive and electric. To ensure you are able to find the content you need, we compiled the following brief list of viable sources.


Bintelli Electric Golf Carts

If you are seeking carts for sale in Charleston, South Carolina, head over to Bintelli when you get the chance. This electric golf cart dealer has a wide range of electric golf carts for sale, such as the following.

  • LSVs
  • Lifted golf carts
  • Custom golf carts
  • Street legal

Models are available in 2 seaters all the way up to 8 seaters, and they are all under ten grand. 

That said, readers who are not located in the aforementioned city can still treat themselves to a Bintelli golf cart this year, thanks to the dealership’s easy-to-follow shipping policy. 

Which means that golf cart enthusiasts that opt to pursue this safe and secure method also have the luxury of shopping at their leisure, without having to worry about inventory suddenly becoming unavailable.


Golf Carts For Sale Craigslist

Finding “used golf carts near me” can be achieved with a simple search on Craigslist. In case you are not familiar with the platform, Craigslist makes it possible for anyone to post an ad for their 6 seater golf cart. Due to this, shoppers may be able to find name brand electric golf carts for almost dirt cheap prices.

And although this is a highly convenient way to do business, the drawbacks can be frightening.

For example, Craigslist golf carts for sale by owners are not backed by any type of financial safety net. So, if you pay for a limo golf cart and never get your LSV, there is no way to recoup your losses. And that is just one unwanted scenario. 

Since anyone can sell on the platform, sellers with malicious intent can freely conduct scams without any real repercussions. Known schemes include the following. 

  • Stealing a low speed electric vehicle back after purchase
  • Swapping out brand symbols on street legal carts to sell an off brand LSV as a luxury golf cart
  • Robbing potential buyer when they arrive to check out the advertised 4×4 golf cart

That said, those that are willing to take such a huge risk do have a decent chance of finding a cheap golf cart for sale on Craigslist. If this potentially dangerous situation sounds worth it to you, stay safe, and remember to never give out your credit card information.

Bintelli is the leader in nationwide LSV and golf cart sales. Contact them today at (866) 542-8677 so they can help you design the street legal golf cart of your dreams! Nationwide shipping and full customization options are available!