We don’t experience much of winter here in Charleston SC, but by now most golf cart and street legal golf cart owners are looking to store their cart for the season while the cold sweeps through. There are a few things you want to do to prep your golf cart for winter storage so you can maintain the best condition while not in use. If you aren’t sure about any of these golf cart winter storage steps, give us a call by clicking here and we would be happy to help!

First thing’s first, make sure your golf cart key is turned to the OFF position. You’d be surprised at how easy this is to forget, but accidentally leaving your cart turned on will drain your batteries completely and can permanently damage their ability to recharge. 

Next, check your tire pressure. You want to make sure the golf cart tires are at the correct levels before storing because they will lose a little air over time.

Most importantly, take care of your street legal golf cart batteries by checking your owner’s manual for specific instructions for your battery and charger setup. Your golf cart batteries should be fully charged before leaving in storage, cleaned, and filled with deionized water to the appropriate levels. Be sure to first disconnect the battery terminals before performing any cleaning needed. Bintelli golf carts such as the Bintelli 6pr Street Legal Golf Cart come with an on-board smart charger that is safe to leave on during storage due to its trickle charge technology, so we encourage you to leave this on so your batteries stay fully charged and healthy. 

Clean your electric vehicle thoroughly. Wash the exterior of the golf cart with water and soap to remove dirt, mud, and grime that may have accumulated over time. Wipe down your seats, windshield, and mirrors to finish your polished look. 

Disable your emergency brake so the cable does not stretch in the cold. Instead, place blocks behind your wheels to keep your vehicle stationary. If you do need any replacement parts, do not hesitate to visit our golf cart parts selection at

Finally, use a golf cart cover to prevent dust from gathering during storage. If you do not have a dust cover or weather enclosure, you could also use a large canvas to cover your cart.

Taking these steps will help keep your golf cart or electric vehicle in the best condition while you are away. Enjoy the holidays over the winter season and greet your golf cart again once spring has returned! If you are looking for a street legal golf cart for sale, give Bintelli Electric Vehicles a call toll free at (866) 542-8677.