How to Properly Sanitize a Golf Cart During Coronavirus Pandemic

In case you have not heard, golf courses are starting to open back up. During the reopening process, citizens are encouraged to continue following CDC guidelines in an effort to keep ongoing infection rates low. 

Of the suggested safety recommendations, sanitizing surfaces is at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, to accomplish this vital procedure there are quite a few steps involved. To ensure you are familiar with what they are, we created the following guide.


Club Car Disinfecting Recommendations

All golf carts for sale online are not the same. A prime example of this is Club Cars. These luxury LSVs require delicate care when it comes to sanitization. According to the official Club Car website, the best way to properly clean your golf car is by following the steps below.

  • Wear disposable gloves
  • Put on an apron or other easy to remove frontal coverage
  • Use soapy water and sponge to wash off dirt
  • Mix 1/3 cup of bleach and a gallon of water in a plastic bucket

Once the mixture above is created, get a clean rag. Dunk the cloth into the bleach water solution and upon taking it out, twist the rag to remove some of the moisture. From there, wipe down one of the items below and repeat the process until all surfaces are sanitized.

  • Each seat
  • Steering wheel
  • Door handles
  • Keys
  • Every seat belt
  • Gear shift
  • Outside of air vent
  • Mirrors
  • Handrails
  • Bed door handles

If you do not have a Club Car, fret not. In general, the principles outlined above can be applied to most custom golf carts, lifted golf carts, and other LSVs.


Yamaha Golf Carts

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Yamaha released a statement announcing their recommendations for cleaning golf cars. Although these suggestions are roughly the same as those issued by Club Car, the following notes were added.

  • Properly remove gloves and other safety gear after cleaning
  • Wash hands after removing personal protection equipment
  • Wipe down the dash area and bag straps

That said, another tidbit worth mentioning is hand sanitizer. Be sure to keep some on you and frequently use it.


Sanitizing Ezgo Golf Cart

When shopping online, you have a wide variety of LSVs to choose from, such as Bintelli golf carts, golf cars, and a plethora of other low speed vehicles. However, not all 4×4 golf cart manufacturers take the time to outline which type of disinfectants work best to clean your luxury golf cart. Fortunately, Ezgo stepped up to address this concern. 

The golf cart manufacturer provide a strategic guideline on which products work best on certain surfaces, as well as how to properly clean your Ezgo. We recap these details down below.

  • Use warm soapy water to wipe down utility golf carts
  • Rinse off your 6 passenger golf cart with pressurized water
  • Avoid using pressurized air to dry off Ezgo golf cart models as this may lead to accidentally inhaling small particles

From there, use the disinfectants below where applicable to sanitize various limo golf cart and LSV cart surfaces.

  • Clorox water solution: no known issues
  • Tilex: avoid using on bag holder, rocker panels, rear bumper, hand holds, sweater basket, and hip restraints
  • Oxi Clean: avoid using on windshields and the surfaces listed with Tilex

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