How to Protect Golf Cart Tires From Dry Rot

Dry rot is known as the deterioration an object via a plethora of microscopic changes. Originally, the aforementioned term applied only to the fungi that affects wood. However, “dry rot” has evolved to include other substances, such as tires. In this article, we review what rubber dry rot is, and how to protect new or used golf cart tires.


What Causes Rubber Dry Rot?


Contrary to popular belief, dry rot can occur on golf cart tires even if the LSV is used everyday. This phenomenon typically occurs due to the following reasons.


  • Low tire pressure
  • Hot, humid temperatures
  • UV light breaking down rubber polymer bonds
  • Tires come in contact with chemicals, such as industrial cleaners or motor oil
  • Frigid, dry weather
  • Oxidization


That said, rubber dry rot often starts with small, hairline fractures on the surface. Since these tiny tears are hard to see, LSV owners are encouraged to check tires for the following telltale signs of deterioration.


  • Rough, course exterior appears fragile
  • Tread or sidewall breaks into small pieces when touched
  • Golf cart tires are a lighter shade than they were at purchase


If the tires on an EZ Go, luxury golf cart, Club Car, or LSV have any of the traits above, consider getting new wheels as soon as possible.


How to Prevent Rubber Dry Rot


Now that we know a bit more about what rubber dry rot is, let’s explore how to protect golf cart tires from it. First and foremost, LSV enthusiasts can slow down tire deterioration by cleaning the wheels at least once a month, or more if needed. 


By doing so, low speed vehicle owners can ensure microparticles, dirt, or other dry potentially damaging debris is removed from the surface of the wheels. To conduct the maintenance task in a safe manner, use soft soap, such as the kind used for washing dishes. Once the tires are gently scrubbed clean, use a water hose to thoroughly spray off the suds. 


Afterward, wipe down the tires with a cloth to ensure no water or excessive moisture clings to the surface of the golf cart wheels. If last step was done correctly, the golf cart tires should be adequately prepared for a protective layer, known as tire dressing or tire shine. 


Golf cart owners interested in adding the aforementioned shield are encouraged to get a VOC compliant, water-based tire dressing. This type of tire shine is designed to protect golf cart tires from UV light without compromising the structural integrity of the wheels. 


After adding the liquid shield, give the tire shine at least ten minutes to dry before operating the golf cart the wheels are attached to. Other maintenance tasks LSV owners can do to prevent golf cart tire dry rot are listed below.


  • Check tire pressure while refueling and inflate wheels as needed
  • Store limo golf cart in a temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Towel dry golf cart tires after riding through puddles or other bodies of water
  • Rotate tires on golf cart to ensure wear and tear is even


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