How to Reupholster Golf Cart Seats

Sunlight, weather, and friction gradually erode upholstery. Although there are steps owners can take to slow this process, the end result is always the same. At some point in time, the fabric covering the seats on an LSV will need to be replaced. When this occurs, savvy golf cart owners can complete the reupholstering task at home. 


By doing so, LSV enthusiasts can save a ton of cash and have more leeway in regards to which seat design is used. If this sounds ideal, read on to find out how to conduct this DIY, or Do It Yourself, project.


Items Needed to Reupholster Golf Cart Seats


After picking out a pattern on either cloth, leather, or vinyl fabric, golf cart enthusiasts can move on to the next step. Grabbing the following reupholstery gear. 


  • Screwdriver matching the screw type used on the golf cart (flat head, phillips, etc.)
  • High quality staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Pins, clamps, or chalk


Once these items are acquired, it is time to remove the golf cart seats.


Removing LSV Seats


In general, the seats on a low speed vehicle, or LSV, can be removed by locating the screws that hold the comfy item in place. Once they are located, carefully use the appropriate screwdriver to unfasten the seats and backrest. Be sure to save the screws in a small container. 


After the seats and backrests are removed from the golf cart, review how the old upholstery was attached to them. Write the information down before removing the fabric.


Use the worn material as a guide to shape the new fabric by placing it on top of it. Then, transfer the shape to the second piece by either tracing the outline on with chalk or physically pin or clamp the materials together. Afterward, cut the old upholstery pattern into the new fabric.


Adding the New Upholstery


At this point, DIYers are roughly halfway done with the project. To finish out the second half, golf cart enthusiasts need to add the new upholster to the seats and reattached them. The fastest way to accomplish this is listed below.


  • Flip the seats and backrest over so the back side is facing up
  • Revisit the document written earlier describing how the original upholstery was attached
  • With the document as a guide, use the staple gun to start attaching the new material
  • Ideal location to make initial attachments is the top or bottom center
  • Do not rush
  • Make sure fabric is pulled taut along the way
  • At the corner jump to the opposite side diagonally
  • Repeat until all sides are snuggly in place
  • Pull each corner down toward the center of the item
  • Staple in place between the folds
  • Lay each crease generated by this down on opposite sides
  • Attach in place
  • Cut away any excess


Once the new material is attached, flip the seats or backrests over to ensure the upholster is snug and aesthetically pleasing. Afterward, use the screws removed initially to reattach the seats as well as backrest to complete the reupholstery project.


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