How to Updates LSV For Off-Roading

LSVs, also known as low speed vehicles, are typically designed for fairway riding. Nevertheless, EZGos, Club Cars, and other luxury golf carts are frequently used outside of the golf course. But despite how fun the aforementioned act seems it is important to remember the endeavor can turn catastrophic if a used four seater golf cart is ill-equipped to ride on uneven terrain. 


Low speed vehicle owners hoping to avoid this common issue may be able to do so by updating their LSV for off-roading via the following steps.


Install Larger Golf Cart Tires


Golf cart manufacturers often equip six seater low speed vehicles with cheap LSV tires. In general, this business practice is implemented in an effort to reduce the MSRP of a powersports machine. And since the stock wheels are usually unable to live up to the demands of off-road riding, they often deteriorate faster than rugged, multi terrain LSV tires.


Therefore, one of the first updates golf cart fans may want to implement is the installation of larger low speed vehicle wheels.


Add an LSV Lift Kit


EZGo, Club Car, and other four seater golf cart owners interested in installing larger tires on their powersports machine may also want to install an LSV lift kit. These useful golf cart packages typically provide low speed vehicle fans with a way to achieve the following.


  • Add distance between the wheelbase and large golf cart tires
  • Boost ground clearance
  • Increase shock absorption


But bear in mind, lift kits typically cost about $250 to procure, and often take a few hours to install. Taking this into consideration, LSV fans may want to skip the manual labor altogether by buying a cheap low speed vehicle that is already lifted, such as the Bintelli Beyond 4PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart – Loaded!


Upgrade Used Golf Cart Suspension


DIYers that are determined to transform their used golf cart into an off-road compatible LSV may want to consider installing a heavy-duty spring kit. By doing so, golf cart owners can usually maintain a smooth ride while driving on uneven terrain, as well as prevent their 4 seater golf cart from sagging when all seats are occupied.


Buy a Cheap LSV Motor


Equipping a bunch of new gear onto a low speed vehicle is likely going to make the powersports machine heavier. If this unwanted effect occurs, the original engine may not be able to propel the powersports machine forward. Club Car, Ezgo, and limo golf cart owners hoping to bypass this issue may be able to do so by equipping their motorized device with a cheap, used LSV motor that is capable of providing more horsepower and torque than the previous engine.


Equip an LSV with Lithium-Ion Batteries


As we mentioned above, prepping a low speed vehicle for off-roading can make the LSV weigh more, and installing a powerful engine may bypass the power related issues. That said, motors are only one energy generating component. Due to this, other upgrades, such as powerful lithium-ion batteries, may need to be installed as well.


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