Lightest Folding Ebikes in 2021

Ebikes, also known as e bicycles, are a delightful mode of transportation. In case you are not familiar, e bikes use a rechargeable battery to power a motor which is attached to the device. That said, there are a plethora of ebike models and styles available. Of these fabulous e bike variations, one of the most popular designs is the folding e bike.


In this article, we take a look at the lightest folding eBikes in 2021.


What Are Folding Ebikes?


As the name implies, folding e bicycles are capable of being folded up into a compact size. This design was conceptualized in response to cyclists wanting an easier way to transport and store ebikes during the daily commute. 


In the beginning, e bicycle manufacturers simply shrunk the size of tires to reduce weight and make the device more portable. However, when consumers started complaining about speed limitations and other related issues, ebike manufacturers started focusing on finding ways to update the design to suit market demand.


As a result, lighter and lighter folding ebikes are being manufactured. Of the new models produced this year, arguably the best are listed below.


Hummingbird Folding Electric Bike


Weighing in at a mere 22.7 pounds, the folding electric bike from Hummingbird is the lightest ebike on our list. To achieve this weight point, the ebike manufacturer excludes fenders, shocks, and suspension. Additional traits are listed hereafter.


  • 13.7 inch tires
  • 250W motor
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Gets 31 miles per charge
  • Folds down in roughly 5 seconds
  • Shrinks down to 46 x 23 x 8 inches
  • Supports up to 243 lbs
  • Battery lifespan is roughly 3,000 cycles
  • Max speed of 4.97 mph


Needless to say, the Hummingbird Folding Electric Bike is designed for daily commuters that favor lightness over performance. Cycling fans that find this ebike appealing can procure the folding device here for under $6,000.


Carbo Model X Folding e Bike


For those looking for a cheap folding ebike with a bit more to offer, check out the Carbo Model X. Nicknamed the “Classy Commuter” this folding electric ebike features a carbon fiber frame that weighs slightly more than 29 lbs. Other noteworthy traits are listed below.


  • 20-inch tires
  • USB charging port
  • 250W brushless Bafang motor
  • Silent, maintenance free, and rust resistant chain belt drive system
  • Thumb throttle
  • LED control panel
  • Bluetooth connectivity


As an added bonus, the Carbo Model X recharges in under 4-hours and is capable of covering roughly 35 miles per charge. Additional information about this $2,300 folding e bike may be found at this website.


Furo X Folding eBike


For all intents and purposes, the more perks a folding e bike has the heavier the device is. To get a better feel for this correlation, let’s review the Furo X from FuroSystems. This 34 lbs folding ebike is among the lightest bikes ever produced. Nevertheless, it is the heaviest e bike on our list, which may be due to the inclusion of the following features.


  • Shimano derailleur
  • USB port
  • Integrated turn signals
  • Front and back fenders
  • Cargo rack
  • Headlight and taillight
  • Bafang rear hub motor
  • Onboard computer
  • LED display


To find out more about this $2,300 electric bike go here.


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